Is the Olympic Committee Discussing Including Esports

              With the popularity of Esports increasing, it is no wonder that many people would tune into the Olympics to watch. In 2017, the IOC issued a statement saying that competitive gaming could be considered a sporting activity and that esports could help the Olympics engage younger people around the world. But a statement following the 8th Olympic Summit earlier this month said the committee would prefer to focus on video games that simulate traditional sports. The committee also floated the possibility of embracing video games that make use of virtual or augmented reality to add a physical component to gameplay. I will be explaining Esports and how you can beat the best eft players using these aimbots. 


              What Is Esports?

              eSports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Competitors from different leagues or teams face off in the same games that are popular with at-home gamers: Fortnite, League of Legends, 
              Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Madden NFL, to name a few. These gamers are watched and followed by millions of fans all over the world, who attend live events or tune in on TV or online. Streaming services like Twitch allow viewers to watch as their favorite gamers play in real-time, and this is typically where popular gamers build up their fandoms.  



              Will Esports make it to the Olympics?

              The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has already recognized esports as a sports activity in 2017. A week before the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the IOC officially supported a Starcraft 2 event hosted by Intel in their Extreme Masters Circuit. Later in the same year, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) partnered with Alisports and the Asian Esports Foundation (AeSF) to add esports into the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia as a demonstration event (meaning medals do not officially count) and will run as an official medal event at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.  While esports have been left out of the initial list of sports of the 2022 Asian Games, that is normal as they cannot confirm anything until they have more information, which will be announced closer to the games.  



              Why has Esports become so Popular?

              Esports (official ranked gameplay of different multiplayer games) have risen dramatically in their popularity recently thanks to their inherent ability to be played without having to leave the house. Theoretically, you could host an all-star, 50-player tournament right now with no players having to leave their homes thanks to the ease of online gaming. Esports has been on the rise for years, with consistently expanding popularity and player base year on year ever since they first entered into the public domain. Now, the growth of the esports industry (surpassing $1 billion in 2020) is expected to see a drastic rise in its metrics thanks to the new and captive audience paying attention to them during the lockdown. Regular sport has come to a total halt due to the lockdown measures. That does not mean that the players are taking too much time off though. Lots of different professional athletes are using this downtime to put some hours into esports, and are finding a brand new audience when doing so. 

              In the USA, for example, there have been a number of NBA players who have taken to Take-Two Interactive’s NBA 2K 2020 to reach their fans and play the game for an audience pining for pro basketball action in a time when that might seem impossible. Plus, this tournament was broadcast by the Disney-owned ESPN – a significant move for a tournament that is not usually given a lot of coverage by major networks. 

              How Four Sportswear Companies came together to Battle Poverty

              In the age of the internet, it’s no surprise that these days companies have to be totally transparent with their new and existing customers with everything from environmental considerations to their ethical promises. One of the ways brands try to maintain a positive image, alongside these previous examples is through publicizing their charitable contributions. Some of the biggest companies have pledged to do their part to try and make the world a better place with the help of some of their profits.

              Nowadays, it doesn’t take long for brands to be exposed for ill-practice online, but luckily for the majority of us, there are still a number of activewear brands out there that want to try to improve the communities around them. By starting schemes, providing donations, and a whole bunch of other means of giving back to communities, here’s how four of the largest sportswear companies have been giving back and providing opportunities to the people around them. 


              One of the first companies on the list is Adidas. The iconic three stripes have been showing up in more places than your local sportswear store. Their sustainability mission statement:  

              As a global sports company, we believe that, through sport, we have the power to change lives, and nowhere is this more profound than in our community engagement efforts. 

              With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Adidas have multiple schemes running in order to not only support the communities on a national basis throughout the US, but they have also expanded their reach to include a variety of efforts aimed at improving the lives of people on a global scale with various donations and efforts. 



              For over 30 years, Fila has reportedly been heavily involved in basketball as a means to connect with communities. Since 1985, they have sponsored the ASD San Martino women’s basketball team and since 2001 they have been the main sponsor of Lupe. Fila vocally support the ‘Casa Amami project, designed to provide a variety of resources for the disabled community in the area.  Additionally, over the last 10 years, Fila has assisted Sister Guerrini in a number of missionary projects across Syria and most recently within the congo. Providing structures, resources such as water, and education to impoverished children.  



              A company is known for its trademark check logo; Nike has decided to check the metaphorical box for giving back. Nike has been one of the most vocal companies when it comes to re-establishing their mission statement and giving back to not only their customers but the world at large. Just a quick glance onto their website and you’ll be able to find both the environmental and community goals the company has adopted as a long-term change in a bid to improve both the planet and the opportunities available to poorer communities.  

              They have committed themselves to positively impacting communities through the ‘Nike Community Impact Fund’ through which they offer various grants and donations designed to help community-based organizations, local schools, and even individuals that they believe have the potential to “create a better tomorrow”.  



              No different from the other sportswear brands, PUMA has also been actively trying to make the world a better place. From supporting a Moscow-based football team consisting of kids and adults raised in orphanages to building and donating 25 bikes and sets of PUMA gear to impoverished kids in Melbourne during a team-building event in Australia, PUMA has been actively trying to make a difference to kids and communities all across the worldAdditionally, a viewer of the total hours spent in each continent on community engagement is viewable on the site – and the numbers are definitely impressive. 



              The Year Of Health: Why 2021 Is A Great Year for Self-Care

              2020 was a difficult year for everyone worldwide. Normal life as we all knew it went out the window when a deadly virus started in China and spread worldwide. It disrupted life as we knew it and caused everyone to have to make many changes in their lives to as a society work together to protect the elderly from this deadly pandemic. Many hard decisions were made by governments worldwide as to how best to protect their citizens from this pandemic. The most widely used response was to impose a lockdown, which means there were limited reasons that you were able to leave your house, mainly just if you were an essential worker, for essential shopping, and for exercise. This decision definitely slowed the spread of the highly transmissible virus but it came at a cost, many people lost their jobs and their businesses due to the economic decline that was a result of the lockdown, unemployment currently is higher than ever. It also meant that for a year people have been unable to see their friends and family, this has left many people feeling extremely isolated and has impacted the mental health of many people. After such a tough year we think that 2021 is the time for some much-needed self-care and we’ve found some of the best ways you can get involved with self-care this year.

              Visit your Doctor

              This past year people haven’t been focused on keeping themselves fit and healthy and looking after their body, millions of people have been in survival mode only. There have also been limited reasons why people can visit their doctors as their focus has been on those patients with covid. So, now is a great time to book an appointment with your doctor for a check-up, this is a great way to see if there’s anything you need to be doing to look after your body better. One great piece of advice that we’ve taken on board is that supplements can be a great way to help take care of your body, people take a variety of supplements for different reasons, from iron to testosterone, for the health benefits of this supplement checkout RiverFrontTimes and do some research into any supplements that may be beneficial to you.

              As well as seeing your doctor, make sure to book an appointment with your dentist as it’s likely you’ll have missed your regular dentist’s appointment due to it not being an emergency. Your teeth require a lot of care so getting them professionally cleaned as soon as possible is another great self-care act for 2021. If you have glasses then also consider going to your optician to make sure your prescription glasses are still suitable for you.

              Do something for your Mental Health

              2020 has been a test for many people mentally, if you’ve found your mental health declining and have struggled during 2020 then 2021 is a great time to start therapy. Your mental health is often overlooked, but it is just as important as your physical health. If you have any issues at all then a trained psychiatrist will be able to help you deal with them and help set you up to be able to deal with anything that life throws at you in the future. If you feel uncomfortable with one-on-one therapy then have a look for any group therapy in your area where you can connect with other people who feel similar.

              If you’re not ready for therapy then there are other actions you can take to help improve your mental health. Many people are fond of journaling as a way to help, by writing down any anxieties and negative thoughts you may have, it helps you to feel more in control of them and process them better. Everyone will have a different self-care routine so spend some time figuring out what yours should be, for it’s a face mask or a bath or a long walk, whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, set some time aside each day to do it.

              Talk to your loved ones

              The loneliness of the previous year will have affected many people, if you’re not ready to talk to your close friends or family about how you’re feeling then you don’t have to. But having a nice catch-up with your loved ones can effortlessly make you feel much better. Social connectedness has a massive impact on mental health, so reaching out for a drink over zoom, or as places start to open up a walk in the park may make you feel much less isolated and impact your mood positively. It is also a good time to reflect on the relationships in your life and figure out if any of them are having a negative impact on you, for example, if you need to set more boundaries with your mother. By reflecting you’ll be able to improve any relationships you have.

              Food & Exercise

              One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. By exercising regularly you’re taking care of your body and you’ll also benefit from all the endorphins your body releases. A balanced diet goes hand in hand with this and by doing both if you haven’t been, you’ll notice a massive increase in your positivity.

              The New Advertising Laws Being Implemented to Stop Scammers

              Scammers. Everywhere you go there are always people who want to try and get a better deal but cut the corners to get there. And you may think it seems like a good idea, but what they don’t tell you is the small print which could get you in a heap of trouble!

              Scammers are never to be trusted, but how are you to know during these times when everything can be covered by the digital web?! The risks are high, and you should know what may or may not be a scam.  I am going to breakdown to you guys the new law on advertising to help us all keep safe and steered well clear of these scammers.

              Adverts must not Materially Mislead

              people who put out adverts must mislead people by dishing out information that is vague and may be left to interpretation. This can lead to people believing something to be too good to be true as it is not clear enough what the intentions of the advert are. Online scamming is much more prevalent these days, and I think we all have family members who just aren’t as clued up on the internet and easily fall into the trap of being misled.


              Nobody likes adverts that seem lucrative and over the top with nothing to support their claims. So, adverts must be able to prove the claims made and substantiate them with relevant documentation. For example, marketers must be able to provide documentary evidence that the regular person will be able to understand and read to be objective. If this is not more clear or there are any issues, these must be reported.

              Comparison Danger

              When comparing products or services such as themarketingheaven with another service or product which is similar, it is important the services stated are intended for the same purpose. The comparison must be evident and clear, and not mislead people to believe that they are the same product/service if they truly are not.

              Green claims should be made clear

              these days every company or business is getting us to believe that they are going green, or are more eco-friendly, or are vegan-friendly. But how do we truly know? We must approach everything with caution as loads of adverts make false claims that entice people to want the products but in reality, it isn’t what they’re really looking for. Therefore, marketers should not make absolute claims unless they are being supported by a high level of substantiation. This is crucial as if there is not enough evidence to go by then this will also be classed as scamming/fraudulent activity. Furthermore, the full life cycle must be advertised in full, so people are aware of how long it will last.

              Prices must be Specific

              Have you ever purchased something and realized that it doesn’t come with everything that was photographed? Claims on pricing must not be distorted, and the prices should relate to what is clearly being shown on the advert. This must be made clear and coherent, there should be full transparency on any prices or additional charges which may be incurred. These additional charges may include non-optional taxes, duties, fees, or even subscriptions, depending on what the product/service is.

              Is Mark Zuckerberg being recalled to the Senate

              Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the popular social network site Facebook has always had a lot of controversy around him right from the very start of Facebook with his lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins. Facebook was the very start of social media becoming so popular. As Facebook became so popular other social media sites started appearing such as Twitter and Instagram. The use of social media has also developed, it is no longer just used to connect with people worldwide but it’s largely used as a platform for influencers, with this development came websites like that allows you to buy likes/follows to boost your engagement on various social media sites. When Facebook was created it was impossible to predict that this is how social media would turn out. As Facebook has become one of the most used sites in the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s power in society has also grown alongside social media use. He has been called to the senate before and now he is being recalled.


              Mark Zuckerberg has been called to the Senate once before, this was back in 2018 and it was due to a data-sharing scandal. The other main company involved in this scandal was Cambridge Analytica, they managed to obtain data from over 50 million Facebook user’s accounts and they took this data and sold it to third parties including the Donald Trump Presidency Campaign. They managed to obtain this data by offering approximately 300,000 users a small payment to complete a short survey, however, once this survey was downloaded by the user it shared information not just about them, but also about their Facebook friends. This is one of the biggest data sharing scandals that has ever occurred and although Facebook promised to put more safeguarding in place to prevent anything like this from ever happening again, it led to the hashtag ‘#deletefacebook” going viral as a backlash and the loss of trust in the company. At the time it seemed like this scandal could permanently damage Facebook’s reputation.

              Following this scandal, Mark Zuckerberg was called to the Senate to testify about the situation and to discover what had gone so badly wrong to allow this to happen. He was also called to the senate in the early months of 2020 alongside the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey as there was outrage about fake news circulating on their websites. It is believed that fake news on social media directly impacted many things such as the Brexit Vote in the UK and even the US Election. As these two men have so much power they also have a large amount of responsibility and the general opinion is that they should have used their power to crack down much more harshly on the fake news that was circulating.

              Will Mark Zuckerberg be called to the senate again?

              After the 2020 US Election, Donald Trump was voted out of power as Joe Biden and the Democrats won the Election. Since he and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the inauguration in January there is a whole new administration running the US. The Biden administration has already made their intentions clear that they want to repeal section 230 – which shields those in charge of any social media sites from being liable for what their users post. Following the 2020 Election, more lawsuits were filed against Facebook, so with these lawsuits and the changes the Biden Administration is pushing for it is more than likely that Zuckerberg will be called before the Senate again.

              Why Michigan is Introducing New Sanitation Laws

              The issue of waste disposal and sanitation in Michigan has been overlooked in the past, but the wait is over and there have been some big changes to our sanitation laws in the name of making our community a cleaner and safer place. Michigan as a location has been constantly criticized both by its visitors and the press for its leniency when it comes to improper sanitation regulations so it is so great to see that the government is doing all that it can to encourage its residents to dispose of their waste in the proper way.

              The new sanitation laws have come around due to the recent health inspection that happened nationwide, this inspection revealed that there was a lack of law-reinforced power that was available to help the authorities enforce punishments where necessary when it comes to sanitation and the disposal of the rubbish. This leniency allowed many people to go unpunished when they were caught getting rid of waste in places where it should not be allowed. These crimes have a severe effect on the public so the fact that action is finally being taken is a true show of support by our government.


              Fly Tipping

              Fly-tipping refers to the unlawful dumping of rubbish and waste in a public area, it is a common occurrence in our city and is something that has been campaigned against in the past with no real effect or negation of the issue. Fly-tipping causes a real eyesore in what would be otherwise very appealing locations around the city, it is not only damaging to the look of our home but since most fly-tipping occurs in rural locations where wildlife is present it causes severe damage to habitats for a number of our native creatures. With the introduction of our new laws, it has become a criminal offense that is punishable with fines and a criminal record could be inflicted on repeat offenders. Although the punishments may seem swift it is a necessary step in cleaning up our streets.


              Where to go to Dispose of Your Rubbish

              If you are unsure about where to get rid of your waste then you can visit one of the two locations in the city where the staff is on hand to help you make sure that all waste materials are going where they should be and are being recycled where possible. For home disposal, you can find dumpster rental in Jackson MI who will deliver a dumpster and collect it at your convenience.


              Waste Disposal

              One of the main reasons that Michigan’s sanitation issues got so out of hand was due to the pressure and limitations on our waste disposal resources, with financial cutbacks and a decline in the number of on-site staff that was being provided our cities waste disposal regimes and tips were overwhelmed with the amount of work that was needed to be done. The big issue is that the amount of waste that is being produced per household is only increasing, as the amount of rubbish grew the pressure placed on our tips became unbearable. A lack of resources only encourages crimes like fly-tipping as people are not going to go somewhere to properly dispose of their rubbish when the service is not up to scratch.

              The new laws that have been put in place have made it much riskier for those willing to commit the crime so sorting out the tips was a must-have solution. The good news is that the government has had a huge drive in the resources that are to be provided and they are not only improving our current tips but they are opening up another location where members of the public can go to ethically dispose of their waste. This could not have come at a more needed time and now that a lack of public resources is not an issue there is no reason why people need to turn to alternative methods that are damaging to the community.


              Criminalizing the Improper Disposal of Waste Produce

              To the normal person, it may seem overkill to offer up a custodial sentence for those who choose to litter our streets with their rubbish, but the simple fact remains that it costs the government so much money on a yearly basis to clean up areas of the city that have been affected. The new laws that have been put in place have increased the penalty fine for littering and in more severe and repeat offenses the authorities now have the legal right to arrest you. Although this new power can be scary I think it is safe to say that it will deter many people from dumping their rubbish which can only be a good thing.

              The Cleaning Company Advocating for Stronger Environmental Protection 

              There is just something about getting your house cleaned regularly that is a better feeling than any other. Every adult will know how much effort is to ensure your house is kept neat and tidy every single day, so regularly having someone else come in and do the cleaning for you is an absolute luxury. That feeling of coming home after a long day of work knowing that your home will be absolutely spotless, cleaner than it ever is when you tidy it and the fact you didn’t have to do it yourself makes it even more special. It also has many health benefits, having your house regularly thoroughly cleaned is actually great for your immune system and it is shown to boost productivity. There are so many cleaning companies in Canada to choose from but this cleaning company may become the most popular as alongside loving a good clean, many Canadians are now actively trying to be more environmentally friendly. 

              Canada and the Environment

              It is not surprising that many Canadians feel strongly about protecting the planet as more and more information is coming out that shows just how much damage humans have caused and are still causing to the planet. Canada has a long history of its commitment to protecting the environment, back in the 1970’s they created the Environmental Protection Agency whose main focus was on trying to prevent as much pollution as was occurring. They also helped to inform Canadian citizens about climate change and other climate issues to help them see everyone needs to play their own part in the fight against global warming. One main achievement of the Environmental Protection Agency is that they contributed to laws that have banned the creation of any new coal-based power plants to help reduce their nation’s emissions.  

              Some recent statistics have revealed how much the average Canadian cares about protecting the environment, 61% think that during COVID-19 recovery making sure it’s a green recovery is vital and 77% believe that is it the fault of humans that the planet is changing. This is much higher than many other countries and explains the average Canadian’s willingness to search for more environmentally friendly products and services. 

              Aspen Clean

              Aspen Clean has become one of the most popular cleaning services in Canada as its ethos lines up with that of the majority of Canadian’s. This is a company that takes climate change extremely seriously and has built its business in a way that its operations do as little as possible to add any additional harm to the planet. They’ve been in business since 2003 so have had 18 years to develop their products to ensure the highest standard of environmental protection. Their products only use natural ingredients such as essential oils and they are chemical-free which is much better for cleaning in your home. In addition to cleaning with these products and greatly developed techniques, if you want to be more environmentally friendly when you clean then you can purchase their products online.