How Working Americans Are Fighting Fatigue

              How Working Americans Are Fighting Fatigue

              A very high percentage of Americans work office jobs, this involves sitting at their desks working on their computers for 40 hours a week, or sometimes, in demanding jobs at demanding times this number could even be much higher. Whilst it may not seem like it should be something that is draining and causes fatigue as it requires very little physical energy, the amount of working adults dealing with fatigue is rapidly increasing. If you’re working a manual labour job then you can easily understand why you’re suffering from fatigue as it involves a lot of physical exertion, but it is much harder to see why when you work in office conditions. You would assume that as you’re sat down all day you’d have plenty of leftover energy at the end of the day to get on with all the other tasks and activities you need to do or have planned, but this is not the case. Working an office job uses a lot of mental energy to keep up focused for such a long period of time and this is also a factor when it comes to fatigue.

              How do I know if I’m suffering from fatigue?

              How do I know if I'm suffering from fatigue?Feeling tired after a day of work is normal, this can be due to many things such as a bad nights sleep meaning you wake up tired, not having enough time to eat enough during your lunch time leaving you in a calorie deficit, a stressful journey or work troubles can all make you feel tired.

              However, suffering from fatigue due to work should not be normal and it is something that you should actively try to help to ensure that it gets better. The best way to tell if you’re just tired or if you’re suffering from fatigue is that you can distinguish between them by the length of time, tiredness goes away after a few days, if it is persisting then it is likely fatigue.

              The biggest factors that contribute to workplace fatigue is the repetitiveness of what you do at work daily, humans aren’t designed to complete the same activities over and over, on top of this people who are in low paying jobs have a lot of additional stress around things like being able to pay their bills and professions like paramedics have a lot of stress due to the pressure of their jobs. This stress is another huge factor that contributes to fatigue.

              Swapping between night shifts and day shifts also has a huge impact on your internal body clock and can cause fatigue. Finally, the average number of hours worked has hugely increased in the last few decades and due to the development of technology, when your work day officially ends, it often doesn’t actually end there with work tasks being carried out at home.

              Is a work-life balance important to fight fatigue?

              Yes! As we briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, not having a good work life balance is one of the biggest contributing factors to suffering from fatigue. Before technology became such a prominent part of technology and advanced, people would generally work a 9-5 office job and when they left the office they would be free to relax until 9am the next day. Now, most employees are never off the clock as they can be reached by their manager all times of day and night and often end up working over dinner or late into the evening.

              This lack of separation between work and home is unhealthy, to help fight fatigue you should try and draw a clear line between work and home. One way you can try to do this is by having a work phone and a normal phone, after a certain time each evening turn your work phone off and let everyone from work know after this time you won’t be able to respond until the following day. Fatigue is often caused by lack of motivation and repetitiveness, often to fight fatigue what you have to do is a different activity.

              By switching off your work phone at a particular time then you’ll be able to use this time to take part in other activities, this can include finding a sport to take part in, or if you don’t want to do something physically demanding this can be something as simple as finding a new series to watch on Netflix and having time to yourself to relax.

              What else can I do?

              Since the legalistation of marijuana in most states, this has become one of the most common ways to deal with fatigue. It has many great properties and helping to combat fatigue is one of them, however, if you’re using this often to relax and fight fatigue it can end up an expensive solution. If you find it works for you and want to save some money then you can grow your own, you can get the best marijuana seeds from farmers lab seeds to do this. Other lifestyle changes you can make to help fight fatigue it to start practicing yoga during your work breaks, this helps to stretch your muscles and relax your mind, around 40% of people have found this really helpful. Finally, exercise and eating healthy helps with most things and fatigue is not the exception, regular exercise and your 5 a day are another great way to help fight fatigue.

              An Insight Into Why You No Longer Need Realtors

              An Insight Into Why You No Longer Need Realtors

              If there is anything that we can all agree on, it is that selling a house is incredibly difficult. When you are looking to buy a house, it feels as though you are not short of potential sellers offering up their home, but as a buyer, you don’t see the other side of this scenario.

              As a buyer, you don’t really take into account that every home that you reject is another seller that is unable to sell their home. However, now that you are in the position where you need to sell your house, you are definitely more than aware of just how difficult the process is.

              Something that only adds to the difficulty of selling your home is going through the process of finding a good realtor. As soon as you put your house on the market, you will be bombarded with hundreds of emails from realtors, all claiming that they will be able to sell your house in no time.

              However, you have to waste a lot of time selecting the right realtor, as all realtors ask for different commission points and have a different experience in the world of real estate. When you do finally get a realtor, you lose a lot of control of your selling process and you have to wait around for them to take all of the steps, which can be quite annoying if you are in a rush to get out of your house.

              Realtors often juggle several clients at once, which means that you are not exactly the priority for them unless your home is worth quite a lot. Your relationship with your realtor can cause a lot of overwhelming stress, but what if we were to tell you that you don’t have to deal with realtors at all?

              The real estate game has completely changed and in this day and age, you simply do not need to use a real estate agent. Here is a little run down of the many reasons why you no longer need a real estate agent to be able to sell your house.

              • There are companies that will outright buy your home

              One of the main reasons that realtors are no longer essential is because there are sites that will outright buy your home. Many people that are looking to sell their home has extremely busy schedules and so many believe that they require the support of a realtor in order to sell their home during a time where they simply do not have the time to do so.

              The good thing about selling your home to a company that will buy your house outright is that they take your house off your hands immediately. You do not have to wait for them to secure a buyer and you get your money straight away and often you can get this money in cash. You will be glad to know that there are many cash buyers for your home and if you are lucky enough to live in Georgia, you can use a company called ‘Cash Home Buyers’ that specialise in buying your home in cash.

              When a company like this buys your home, you get your money instantly and you can leave and move on to the new home that you will be buying. This takes away a lot of the waiting time that can make selling your home frustrating and may make you ward off realtors for the rest of your life.

              • They Don’t Prioritize your home

              I picked up on this slightly at the start of my article, but it is true to say that one of the main reasons that you do not need to invest lots of money into a realtor is because they do not invest all of their time in you. A realtor will be trying to sell more than one house at once, as this is the only way that they can maintain a career, but that means that they are compromising your sale.

              Though a realtor may have your interests in mind, they are essentially supporting your competition and they may give a potential buyer to someone who could make them more money.

              When you decide to sell your home individually, you are your only priority and the only thing that you will be thinking about, so you won’t have to worry about going through the house selling process and not being the priority of the sale.

              • The Help of Social Media

              Something that you may have noticed is that a lot of house sellers have started selling their homes on social media. Social media allows you to connect with people that you may have never been able to in the past, which means it exposes you to a lot more potential buyers for your home.

              On Facebook, you have the ability to make groups dedicated to certain products, which has been used by house sellers to make a place where people can sell and buy homes. If you join one of these groups, you will be able to find people that are looking to buy homes. Even if you do not encounter a potential buyer on one of these pages, you will be able to give you advice and communicate with people that have experience in the world of house selling, which may be beneficial to you during the house selling period.

              What the Industrial Sector Boom Means for the US Economy

              What the Industrial Sector Boom Means for the US Economy

              The industrial sector consists of architectural design and manufacture, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that plays a part in many other businesses across a variety of industries. In the US we have seen a huge boom within the industry in many different ways. From increased employment opportunities to the development of new tech to make complex processes easier. In the last few years, we have had some building feats on a worldwide level that have caused an increase in further developments and projects of the same nature.

              More and more people are starting large-scale builds to start applying a futuristic style to many outdated buildings, as new processes come onto the market to help cut the time it takes to finish a project, companies are making more money as they can complete their work much faster and increase their overall workload.

              The industrial sector has seen a huge boost specifically in the US making it a good time for those with business or jobs in this sector, it has also affected the US economy with an overall revenue increase. The increase in available work has also increased the number of jobs, providing many experienced professionals with employment. This article will discuss the many ways in which the industry has seen a boost as well as how this has impacted our world and the US economy.

              Development of New Technologies

              One of the biggest factors within the development of the industrial industry would have to be the increased access to new technology, as companies are getting fully equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing pieces their job is made easier which allows them to make more money in the long run.

              Another example of how technology has played a part in the industrial sector’s boom would have to be the new ranges of vehicles used in the industry that are available on a big level. Vehicles like transport vans and forklift trucks to be used in packing warehouses, companies are now able to work at a much faster rate. If your company is lacking a vehicle like a fork lift then you may be missing out on a huge time-saving opportunity, if you are on a budget then you can find and buy used forklifts for sale to help save some money.

              Global Increase in Building Opportunities

              The industrial sectors boom has opened up opportunities for work in a big way, in the pandemic many people who rely on contract work were not able to earn a full wage due to restrictions on when and how they could operate. Now that we are leaving this situation behind slightly there is more work available and a lot of catching up to do on delayed projects. This has meant that work that was missed out on last year is now getting done and wages are finally being paid as so many opportunities are available for freelance workers within the industrial sector.

              Effect On The US Economy

              It is my opinion and the opinion of many that the boost in the industrial sector has had a positive impact on the US economy, as more work is available and more people are earning a decent living the economy is getting back to a level of prosperity. Although after the pandemic many businesses were hit it will take a while to get back to normal completely however, the industrial industry and its success have only brought more money in and allowed many new businesses to get up and running as they complete manufacturing work also.

              Future of The Industrial Industry

              In an industry that relies heavily on the work opportunities that are available, it can be easy to worry about what the future holds. I would suggest that if this is relevant to you, you look at ways that you can diversify your skills and make yourself desirable for more employment positions. I wouldn’t worry too much though as the future is set to be bright within the industrial and building world, as more projects are started and the scale of said projects increases you should be able to find fulfilling and educational work placements for quite some time.

              New Regulations Being Enforced on Companies to Battle Climate Change

              Whilst the climate crisis and global warming are not new issues, they are becoming more important every single day. A few decades ago, experts warned about how catastrophic global warming could be for our planet but it was largely ignored, people didn’t seem to understand how much of a threat this was. Now, it is one of the issues that are at the forefront of the international community, every country is working together to try and minimize the damage from climate change. There are 2 ways to minimize this damage, the first is an individual responsibility, each person has a responsibility to do things in their everyday life such as recycle, take shorter showers and use less plastic. However, this only contributes to a small percentage of the damage, companies are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. There are lots of things that these companies can do to minimize this, for example buying a color label printer, which will allow them to print labels with environmentally friendly products and cut down emissions as labels won’t have to be delivered to them anymore. There are hundreds of small changes like this one that companies can make, whilst they are a great step in the right direction, it isn’t enough. This has led to new climate-related regulations being enforced on companies to help in the fight against climate change.

              The Issue with Climate Crisis Regulations

              One of the main issues that the world is facing in the fight against climate change is that it is up to each countries government to individually decide to work internationally to solve the problem. However, in every democratic country, around every 4 to 5 years there is an election and often this results in a change of government. This makes it difficult to make long-term plans for action against climate change as a country could offer its support in the fight, but once the change of government happens, this support could be withdrawn. One government may agree with having stricter regulations on companies which could help to create real change, but with a change of government, this could be reversed, particularly if there is a climate crisis skeptic that is elected, they could remove all regulations and allow companies to operate without thinking about the environment. However, whilst there is a supportive government in power, there are many regulations that can be implemented on companies.

              Regulations Being Enforced

              The aim of introducing regulations is to bring the climate crisis to the center of every business decision that has to be made. To force companies into doing this, many governments have added new regulations that put a cap on how much any specific business can emit in one year, this is referred to as their allowance. This is a good way to get companies to think about their emissions as at the end of the year there is an opportunity to sell off your extra allowances if you were under on how much carbon dioxide you emitted, you can sell these to companies who have gone over on their allowance. No company wants to spend extra money on this so it’ll help those involved with decision-making in the company to start to focus on climate change more, as if they don’t it could end up costing a lot for the company. To ensure this runs smoothly, other regulations include ensuring that companies’ use of greenhouse gases is properly reported, this is to prevent a company from finding a loophole and window dressing in the report.

              Are News Channels Going to Start Covering E3

              For those of you who don’t know what E3 is as it is a new thing that is only recently entering the mainstream, it stands for electronic entertainment expo, this is one of the biggest trade events in the whole of the video game industry. The video game industry is the most popular part of the entertainment industry as there are so many committed video game players out there, this also makes it one of the richest industries, it is worth several billion dollars so this means that E3 is a massive event. E3 is an exciting event for any video game fans as it is so much to do and see there, it is like a comic con but for gaming. This event is used as a way to help gamers connect with each other as it gives them a date to all meet up online, it also gives video game producers a place to promote and advertise their new games and the fans love having this information prior to its official release. There is also the opportunity to buy merchandise related to your favorite games and often there is exclusive merchandise there only available on that day. There is plenty of other stuff going on during the day like competitions and press conferences. As this is such a huge event there is speculation that news channels are going to start covering E3, we’re here to look at if this is likely or not.

              Will news channels cover E3?

              As this event has grown so much in popularity it was starting to seem extremely likely that big news channels would start to cover the event by sending their staff to join the event and stream what is happening live. Whilst it is disappointing, it has recently come out that no major news channels will be covering E3 this year as the event has not become mainstream enough. Luckily, if you’re wanting to sit on the couch and stream the whole E3 event while you relax with a takeout, this is possible as the E3 YouTube channel, this channel will be streaming for the entire duration of the event so you can watch it all or tune into the parts that you want to see. If you don’t want to watch the whole event then each promoter will also likely stream on their own YouTube channels, whilst it is not as reliable as the E3 channel, it is still a great way to keep up with what’s going on at the event.

              What should I expect from the 2021 event?

              You can expect a lot from the 2021 event as it will likely be even bigger and even better than previous years. If you’re wanting to compete and play yourself during this event then there will be plenty of choice of game for you to take part in and you can beat the best eft players using these cheats and tips, once you’ve read them all start practicing to make sure you can fully take advantage of them. It has also been announced that there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy game announcement, a long-awaited crossover between Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean and it has been confirmed by Bethesda that the release date for Starfield will be announced at this event. So, if you count yourself as a gamer this event is one that you definitely don’t want to miss this year.

              A Look into the Most Expensive Social Media Buyouts in History

              If you are someone that likes to stay up to date with the world of social media, then you have probably heard of the buyout of Instagram from Facebook. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for an impressive one billion dollars, making it the biggest social media buyout yet. Since then, Facebook has continued to buy out several social media sites, but nothing has compared to the buyout of Instagram in 2012.  


              Why did Facebook buy out Instagram? 

              Though Instagram has not been around as long as Facebook, it has secured itself a place in most people’s social media rotations. In 2012 Instagram was at its highest use, with millions of people making accounts and sharing pictures of their everyday lives. Facebook could clearly see the potential in Instagram as more and more people were switching from posting their photo updates on Facebook to Instagram.  Instead of taking the loss of content, Facebook saw an opportunity to diversify its network connections.   

              Having control of both Facebook and Instagram gave Facebook a lot of power. This is because a lot of people were slowly starting to move away from Facebook due to a lack of updates and a general disconnect from its user base. Being able to use a platform that was only becoming more popular with every day gave Facebook the chance to do some extensive research,  

              While owning and operating Instagram, Facebook was able to see what features of Instagram were working and what was bringing in more and more users. Facebook figured that if they were able to work out what was making Instagram so popular, then they could apply this to Facebook and have two popular social media sites under their belts.  


              What was working on Instagram? 

              The main reason that Instagram was finding popularity so easily is due to their media sharing. Facebook has always allowed you to share pictures and videos on the site, but the quality of the videos and pictures was always compromised by the site. Pictures that were previously very clear were blurry once uploaded to the site, which made a lot of people hesitant to do so.  

              There wasn’t much of a video culture on Facebook either, once again thanks to the problems that were found on the site.  For this reason, people had a lot of content that they wanted to share with the world, but nowhere to really put it aside from Youtube and Myspace.  

              Due to media such as videos and pictures being the main focus of Instagram, the production team had made sure that anything that was uploaded to the site kept its quality and could be easily shared among users. This was the main difference between Facebook and Instagram and once Facebook had ownership of Instagram, they were able to figure out how to adjust their site to cater to the needs of their users.  


              What differences did Facebook make to Instagram?  

              Something that Facebook has been successfully doing for a number of years is monetizing the content that people uploaded to the site. Instagram had been operating with ads on the site, but they had not really reached the potential that they could in terms of making a profit from the traffic that the site had been getting.  

              Facebook not only gained money from sharing generalized ads onto the site, they formed relationships with successful page owners and created a two-way relationship in which Facebook was able to give them money for the traffic they were bringing to the site, while also making money for the site itself. 

              This is something that was quickly applied to Instagram, but with much more success due to the kind of content that was being shared on the site. This is where ‘influencers’ started to gain popularity and a brand new culture and way of looking at social media was formed.  


              How did the buyout of Instagram change social media? 

              Once Facebook had ownership of Instagram, there was a complete shift in the way that social media worked. Social media was no longer just a platform for sharing your everyday thoughts and meals, it was a business.  

              Though the creators of the sites had always been making money, with the merge of Instagram and Facebook, the users could now use the social media platforms to make a form of income. The occupational opportunities have only increased as the years have gone on with both social media platforms.  

              As the opportunities to make money on the sites have become more accessible, there has also been a lot more competition. These days you have to try and stand out among a long line of social media influencers that are trying to make it big on the site.  Users are using a number of different methods in order to gain popularity on the site, the most popular of which being to Instagram likes kaufen as this brings more traffic to their personal pages and increases the likelihood of them being able to gain more advertisement opportunities.  

              There is no doubt that taking over Instagram was a fantastic move from Facebook as it has allowed them to improve the quality of their own site. Both sites now listen to the feedback that has been given by users for years and are applying it to the platforms in order to make them easier to use and more beneficial to the users.  

              The New Advertising Laws Being Implemented to Stop Scammers

              Scammers. Everywhere you go there are always people who want to try and get a better deal but cut the corners to get there. And you may think it seems like a good idea, but what they don’t tell you is the small print which could get you in a heap of trouble!

              Scammers are never to be trusted, but how are you to know during these times when everything can be covered by the digital web?! The risks are high, and you should know what may or may not be a scam.  I am going to breakdown to you guys the new law on advertising to help us all keep safe and steered well clear of these scammers.

              Adverts must not Materially Mislead

              people who put out adverts must mislead people by dishing out information that is vague and may be left to interpretation. This can lead to people believing something to be too good to be true as it is not clear enough what the intentions of the advert are. Online scamming is much more prevalent these days, and I think we all have family members who just aren’t as clued up on the internet and easily fall into the trap of being misled.


              Nobody likes adverts that seem lucrative and over the top with nothing to support their claims. So, adverts must be able to prove the claims made and substantiate them with relevant documentation. For example, marketers must be able to provide documentary evidence that the regular person will be able to understand and read to be objective. If this is not more clear or there are any issues, these must be reported.

              Comparison Danger

              When comparing products or services such as themarketingheaven with another service or product which is similar, it is important the services stated are intended for the same purpose. The comparison must be evident and clear, and not mislead people to believe that they are the same product/service if they truly are not.

              Green claims should be made clear

              these days every company or business is getting us to believe that they are going green, or are more eco-friendly, or are vegan-friendly. But how do we truly know? We must approach everything with caution as loads of adverts make false claims that entice people to want the products but in reality, it isn’t what they’re really looking for. Therefore, marketers should not make absolute claims unless they are being supported by a high level of substantiation. This is crucial as if there is not enough evidence to go by then this will also be classed as scamming/fraudulent activity. Furthermore, the full life cycle must be advertised in full, so people are aware of how long it will last.

              Prices must be Specific

              Have you ever purchased something and realized that it doesn’t come with everything that was photographed? Claims on pricing must not be distorted, and the prices should relate to what is clearly being shown on the advert. This must be made clear and coherent, there should be full transparency on any prices or additional charges which may be incurred. These additional charges may include non-optional taxes, duties, fees, or even subscriptions, depending on what the product/service is.

              Is Mark Zuckerberg being recalled to the Senate

              Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the popular social network site Facebook has always had a lot of controversy around him right from the very start of Facebook with his lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins. Facebook was the very start of social media becoming so popular. As Facebook became so popular other social media sites started appearing such as Twitter and Instagram. The use of social media has also developed, it is no longer just used to connect with people worldwide but it’s largely used as a platform for influencers, with this development came websites like that allows you to buy likes/follows to boost your engagement on various social media sites. When Facebook was created it was impossible to predict that this is how social media would turn out. As Facebook has become one of the most used sites in the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s power in society has also grown alongside social media use. He has been called to the senate before and now he is being recalled.


              Mark Zuckerberg has been called to the Senate once before, this was back in 2018 and it was due to a data-sharing scandal. The other main company involved in this scandal was Cambridge Analytica, they managed to obtain data from over 50 million Facebook user’s accounts and they took this data and sold it to third parties including the Donald Trump Presidency Campaign. They managed to obtain this data by offering approximately 300,000 users a small payment to complete a short survey, however, once this survey was downloaded by the user it shared information not just about them, but also about their Facebook friends. This is one of the biggest data sharing scandals that has ever occurred and although Facebook promised to put more safeguarding in place to prevent anything like this from ever happening again, it led to the hashtag ‘#deletefacebook” going viral as a backlash and the loss of trust in the company. At the time it seemed like this scandal could permanently damage Facebook’s reputation.

              Following this scandal, Mark Zuckerberg was called to the Senate to testify about the situation and to discover what had gone so badly wrong to allow this to happen. He was also called to the senate in the early months of 2020 alongside the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey as there was outrage about fake news circulating on their websites. It is believed that fake news on social media directly impacted many things such as the Brexit Vote in the UK and even the US Election. As these two men have so much power they also have a large amount of responsibility and the general opinion is that they should have used their power to crack down much more harshly on the fake news that was circulating.

              Will Mark Zuckerberg be called to the senate again?

              After the 2020 US Election, Donald Trump was voted out of power as Joe Biden and the Democrats won the Election. Since he and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the inauguration in January there is a whole new administration running the US. The Biden administration has already made their intentions clear that they want to repeal section 230 – which shields those in charge of any social media sites from being liable for what their users post. Following the 2020 Election, more lawsuits were filed against Facebook, so with these lawsuits and the changes the Biden Administration is pushing for it is more than likely that Zuckerberg will be called before the Senate again.

              Why Michigan is Introducing New Sanitation Laws

              The issue of waste disposal and sanitation in Michigan has been overlooked in the past, but the wait is over and there have been some big changes to our sanitation laws in the name of making our community a cleaner and safer place. Michigan as a location has been constantly criticized both by its visitors and the press for its leniency when it comes to improper sanitation regulations so it is so great to see that the government is doing all that it can to encourage its residents to dispose of their waste in the proper way.

              The new sanitation laws have come around due to the recent health inspection that happened nationwide, this inspection revealed that there was a lack of law-reinforced power that was available to help the authorities enforce punishments where necessary when it comes to sanitation and the disposal of the rubbish. This leniency allowed many people to go unpunished when they were caught getting rid of waste in places where it should not be allowed. These crimes have a severe effect on the public so the fact that action is finally being taken is a true show of support by our government.


              Fly Tipping

              Fly-tipping refers to the unlawful dumping of rubbish and waste in a public area, it is a common occurrence in our city and is something that has been campaigned against in the past with no real effect or negation of the issue. Fly-tipping causes a real eyesore in what would be otherwise very appealing locations around the city, it is not only damaging to the look of our home but since most fly-tipping occurs in rural locations where wildlife is present it causes severe damage to habitats for a number of our native creatures. With the introduction of our new laws, it has become a criminal offense that is punishable with fines and a criminal record could be inflicted on repeat offenders. Although the punishments may seem swift it is a necessary step in cleaning up our streets.


              Where to go to Dispose of Your Rubbish

              If you are unsure about where to get rid of your waste then you can visit one of the two locations in the city where the staff is on hand to help you make sure that all waste materials are going where they should be and are being recycled where possible. For home disposal, you can find dumpster rental in Jackson MI who will deliver a dumpster and collect it at your convenience.


              Waste Disposal

              One of the main reasons that Michigan’s sanitation issues got so out of hand was due to the pressure and limitations on our waste disposal resources, with financial cutbacks and a decline in the number of on-site staff that was being provided our cities waste disposal regimes and tips were overwhelmed with the amount of work that was needed to be done. The big issue is that the amount of waste that is being produced per household is only increasing, as the amount of rubbish grew the pressure placed on our tips became unbearable. A lack of resources only encourages crimes like fly-tipping as people are not going to go somewhere to properly dispose of their rubbish when the service is not up to scratch.

              The new laws that have been put in place have made it much riskier for those willing to commit the crime so sorting out the tips was a must-have solution. The good news is that the government has had a huge drive in the resources that are to be provided and they are not only improving our current tips but they are opening up another location where members of the public can go to ethically dispose of their waste. This could not have come at a more needed time and now that a lack of public resources is not an issue there is no reason why people need to turn to alternative methods that are damaging to the community.


              Criminalizing the Improper Disposal of Waste Produce

              To the normal person, it may seem overkill to offer up a custodial sentence for those who choose to litter our streets with their rubbish, but the simple fact remains that it costs the government so much money on a yearly basis to clean up areas of the city that have been affected. The new laws that have been put in place have increased the penalty fine for littering and in more severe and repeat offenses the authorities now have the legal right to arrest you. Although this new power can be scary I think it is safe to say that it will deter many people from dumping their rubbish which can only be a good thing.