At one point or another, we have all thought about going on a diet. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a little weight and become a healthier person altogether, but some of us simply do not have the patience to do it the organic way.

We all lead busy lives and so for a lot of us, we simply do not have the time to go shopping for healthy meals and start the gym, so many of us settle on diet fads with the hope that they will make some sort of difference.

Diet fads have always been around as humans have continued to have the desire to lose a few pounds. People that follow diet fads don’t usually focus on improving their health, they simply want to lose weight quickly for various reasons. We have all been there when it comes to wanting to quickly lose weight before an event and many of us have turned to diet fads, only to give them up just as quickly as we have started them.

Though it may not be public news, many countries are looking to ban the advertisement and promotion of fad-diet plans. Though it may seem ridiculous to ban plans to lose weight, there are good reasons behind the ban. Here is why some countries are looking to ban fad-diet plans.


A lot of them simply don’t work

One of the main reasons that some countries are looking to ban fad diet plans is because many of them simply do not work. Every year, thousands of new diet plans take the general public by storm, but they quickly fizzle out. This is because people quickly discover that they do not in fact work and the word quickly spreads.

However, before people find out that the diet fads do not work, they have already spent their hard-earned money on buying all of the recommended foods and throwing out their own foods.

The problem is that the government is unable to regulate the fads that people are using as it would be a waste of their time and government funding. Because of this, it is down to the general public to try and sieve through and discover which of the diet fads really work. Websites such as phenq review do a really good job of pinpointing which diets work, but they can’t keep on top of all of them and so many manage to slip through the cracks.


They’re not all safe

Once again, because fad diets come in and out of our social space so fast, it can be near impossible to pinpoint which diets are actually safe. Though there are plenty of diet fads that are based on thorough research and tested practice, many of them are just random ideas that will do more harm to the body than good.

Dieting in an unsafe way can be really damaging for the body and a lot of diet trends that are currently trending have actually been found to deprive the body of all of the nutrients it needs in order to be able to thrive.


Fad diets are costing the Government Money

Fad diets can lead to a lot of very unhealthy habits. One of the biggest examples of this came with the introduction of calorie counting. Calorie counting made people pick up unhealthy habits that affected their mental health in the long run. Calorie counting led to an increase in eating disorders and other related illnesses, which meant that people had to seek medical help which the government had to pay for.