The issue of waste disposal and sanitation in Michigan has been overlooked in the past, but the wait is over and there have been some big changes to our sanitation laws in the name of making our community a cleaner and safer place. Michigan as a location has been constantly criticized both by its visitors and the press for its leniency when it comes to improper sanitation regulations so it is so great to see that the government is doing all that it can to encourage its residents to dispose of their waste in the proper way.

The new sanitation laws have come around due to the recent health inspection that happened nationwide, this inspection revealed that there was a lack of law-reinforced power that was available to help the authorities enforce punishments where necessary when it comes to sanitation and the disposal of the rubbish. This leniency allowed many people to go unpunished when they were caught getting rid of waste in places where it should not be allowed. These crimes have a severe effect on the public so the fact that action is finally being taken is a true show of support by our government.


Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping refers to the unlawful dumping of rubbish and waste in a public area, it is a common occurrence in our city and is something that has been campaigned against in the past with no real effect or negation of the issue. Fly-tipping causes a real eyesore in what would be otherwise very appealing locations around the city, it is not only damaging to the look of our home but since most fly-tipping occurs in rural locations where wildlife is present it causes severe damage to habitats for a number of our native creatures. With the introduction of our new laws, it has become a criminal offense that is punishable with fines and a criminal record could be inflicted on repeat offenders. Although the punishments may seem swift it is a necessary step in cleaning up our streets.


Where to go to Dispose of Your Rubbish

If you are unsure about where to get rid of your waste then you can visit one of the two locations in the city where the staff is on hand to help you make sure that all waste materials are going where they should be and are being recycled where possible. For home disposal, you can find dumpster rental in Jackson MI who will deliver a dumpster and collect it at your convenience.


Waste Disposal

One of the main reasons that Michigan’s sanitation issues got so out of hand was due to the pressure and limitations on our waste disposal resources, with financial cutbacks and a decline in the number of on-site staff that was being provided our cities waste disposal regimes and tips were overwhelmed with the amount of work that was needed to be done. The big issue is that the amount of waste that is being produced per household is only increasing, as the amount of rubbish grew the pressure placed on our tips became unbearable. A lack of resources only encourages crimes like fly-tipping as people are not going to go somewhere to properly dispose of their rubbish when the service is not up to scratch.

The new laws that have been put in place have made it much riskier for those willing to commit the crime so sorting out the tips was a must-have solution. The good news is that the government has had a huge drive in the resources that are to be provided and they are not only improving our current tips but they are opening up another location where members of the public can go to ethically dispose of their waste. This could not have come at a more needed time and now that a lack of public resources is not an issue there is no reason why people need to turn to alternative methods that are damaging to the community.


Criminalizing the Improper Disposal of Waste Produce

To the normal person, it may seem overkill to offer up a custodial sentence for those who choose to litter our streets with their rubbish, but the simple fact remains that it costs the government so much money on a yearly basis to clean up areas of the city that have been affected. The new laws that have been put in place have increased the penalty fine for littering and in more severe and repeat offenses the authorities now have the legal right to arrest you. Although this new power can be scary I think it is safe to say that it will deter many people from dumping their rubbish which can only be a good thing.