Gyms are hotspot locations for bacteria and viruses such as the dreaded covid 19 to spread and multiply into huge amounts ready for infection, with this in mind it is the opinion of many that public gyms should remain closed until some form of solution can be found to make them a safe place where people can work out without worrying about contracting a harmful disease. In the era of Covid as we move to a brighter future, it would be a stupid move to open up the gyms and make the situation worse again. As more and more people find ways to work out at home or away from the gyms it has become apparent that gyms are a necessary service for people to lose weight and maintain their health which is another reason to keep them closed until a viable solution is presented to the public.  


There are many benefits in favor of re-opening gyms but the main fear is that if they are opened too early they could make the situation worse. There are many things that can be done to help make sure a gym is a safe place where people can work out without fear of contracting covid 19 but the mass implementation of new procedures is something that will also take time, the new procedures must be put in place and then tested to ensure their effectiveness in providing a safe and hygienic environment for people to exercise within.  


Why are Gyms so Dangerous in the era of Covid?

The closing of gyms around the world was a shock to us all as so many people rely upon these workout spaces to maintain their exercise regimen and get their bodies to the pace where they want it to be. However, when you consider how many people go in and out of your local gym every day, going on multiple exercise machines and exerting sweat it was definitely the right call to close these establishments until the procedure can be changed to accommodate.  

Most gyms have hundreds of people visiting them every day and it is this large influx of visitors and the unhygienic ness of sweat being all over the equipment that makes the gym such a dangerous place. The coronavirus can be transmitted through sweat and saliva so the risk of keeping the gym open was just too significant to ignore. Without regular cleaning and separation between visitors, it is impossible to ensure the safety of gym-goers up and down the country, when the world is in such disarray I would argue that the opening of gyms is very far down the list in terms of being a priority for our governments to address.  


What can you do instead of Going to the Gym?

As we enter the second year of living with the coronavirus, many people have started to find other ways that they can maintain their health and get some exercise. This virus is not going anywhere so it is going to be a whole before we will be able to enter a professional gym setting. With this in mind, rather than giving up on exercise altogether many people have started to work out outdoors by going for a run or even by setting up their own home gyms where they can get the exercise they need to be healthy.  

Exercise is a very important part of so many of our lives providing a distraction from the stresses of life and maintaining our health to ensure we avoid health complications later in life. Just because the gyms are closed you shouldn’t lose motivation and should instead be embracing the challenge to find an alternative location or form of exercise that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. Although going to the gym is very beneficial for your health, the opportunity to find something new and switch up your regular routine should be taken advantage of as it could help you to find something new that you love, which is a very welcome thing in these troubling times.  

As the hot weather also comes around, spending time outdoors should be a huge priority on your list that can be implemented into your exercise routine. Getting some fresh air and taking advantage of your allotted exercise time outside has huge benefits not only for your physical health but your mental health also. Whilst we are forced to spend so much time indoors to shelter from the coronavirus, getting outside and taking some time for yourself by going on a run in your local park could be just what you need to preserve your sanity and help you keep your positive mindset.  


How to Boost Your Results

Without the gym or your team of personal trainers in hand to offer their advice and guidance, you may notice a slip in the results you get from your workouts. This is completely normal and when you are doing things on your own without being a professional in the industry you should know that just the fact you are putting in the effort is commendable alone so don’t worry too much or be too hard on yourself if you are not at the point you desire. If you are serious about progressing within your home workouts then there are things that can be done to ensure you stay on track.  

Supplements are a great idea to give you a little boost, if you are a beginner with supplements I would decide on an area of the body or aspect of your workouts that you feel needs some attention such as energy-boosting or increasing the amount of fat you burn. There are natural and safe supplements available for a number of different processes so you should do some research into what is currently on the market to see if any seem suitable for your lifestyle. Taking supplements is a completely normal thing to do within your workouts and taking a product like the leanbean fat burner could be just what you need to help you reach your desired weight whilst working out from home. 


When Could Gyms Open Again?

The prospect of the gyms opening up again is a very exciting thing for those of us that have been stuck looking for alternative forms of exercise to do during the pandemic, however, it is important to remember that public gyms are a huge breeding ground where visitors would be extremely susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. The powers that be are not going to open the gym until it is completely safe to do so, which means that we could be waiting for a while longer before that day will come.  

As we are not going to receive a date for reopening anytime soon I would highly recommend that you take some time to figure out the different things that you can do to maintain your strict exercise routines without needing to put yourself in danger, the only thing that is stopping you from working out at home or outdoors is you and I can guarantee that once you get started and into a routine of doing things this way you will be very happy that you did.