What Is The Climate Like June In The Netherlands?

Amsterdam has an average high temperature of 19C (66F) and a typical low temperature of 15C (59F) in June, compared to July, which has an average high temperature of 13C-21C and a typical low temperature of 12C A low temperature of 11C (52F) is also recorded overnight.

What Is The Hottest Month In Netherlands?

Quick Climate Info

Hottest Month

July (64 °F avg)

Coldest Month

January (39 °F avg)

Wettest Month

October (2.29″ avg)

Windiest Month

January (13 mph avg)

Is Amsterdam Cold In June?

AMSTERDAM IS IN THE STRONGEST OF FEBRUARY? Amsterdam’s spring is in full bloom during June, and there is only a hint of summer at the end of the month. The late night and early morning low temperatures start about 10 C (near 50F) but reach 12-13 C (mid-50s F) by the end of the month, when the temperature rises to about 30 C (mid-50s F).

Does It Rain In Amsterdam In June?

It is raining for 14 hours in Amsterdam in June. The average time taken is 7 days, with 43mm (1 inch) of material. There is 69″) of accumulated precipitation in this photo.

Is June A Good Time To Visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is best visited between April and early June, or mid-September to mid-October, during the spring and summer months. It is likely that the weather will be pleasant during these periods, but museums and attractions will be less crowded during the peak summer travel season.

What Type Of Climate Is The Netherlands?

Climate in the Netherlands is moderate (or oceanic). Mild winters and cool summers are typical of this type of climate. There is no dry season in the United States because precipitation, such as rain, occurs throughout the year.

What Type Of Weather Does June Have?

By June, most places in the United States will be experiencing temperatures above average. The nights are cooler in June, so you can relax after sweating away during the day. As well as June 1, hurricane season begins in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.

What Is The Warmest Month In The Netherlands?

There is a high probability of precipitation in August, September, October, and November. There is an average maximum temperature of 22C (71F) in August, which is the warmest month. In February, the average temperature is 5C (42F), making it the coldest month.

How Warm Is Amsterdam In June?

Amsterdam, Netherlands, has an average high temperature of 19 degrees in June. 2°C (66. The average low temperature is 12C (53F), and the temperature in the U.S. is 6F. 6°F).

How Hot Is Netherlands In Summer?

The Dutch summer is similar to London’s summer. It is typical for the maximum temperature to hover around 22/23 C (72/73 F) in much of the country and around 21 C (70 F) on the coast, and it is usually only 30/32 C (86/90

What Months Are Summer In The Netherlands?

Winter (January – March), spring (April – June), summer (July – September) and autumn (October – December) are the four seasons in the Netherlands.

What Is The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded In The Netherlands?





40.7 °C (105.3 °F)

25 July 2019

North Macedonia

45.7 °C (114.3 °F)

24 July 2007


35.6 °C (96.1 °F)

20 June 1970


40.2 °C (104.4 °F)

29 July 1921

Is Amsterdam Warm In June?

How hot is it e in Amsterdam in June? In early June, the summer begins, so you can expect warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours. The weather in Amsterdam in June is very warm, but it is not too hot and the climate is pleasant.

Is Amsterdam Cold In The Summer?

Amsterdam’s summers are partly cloudy and comfortable, and its winters are long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. It is not unusual for the temperature to vary from 34F to 71F during the year, and it is rarely below 22F or above 81F during the year.

Does Amsterdam Have A Rainy Season?

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has sub-tropical, humid, and rainy climate, which is influenced by the North Sea, but also by the Atlantic Ocean, which is not far away, so it has cold winters (but not freezing) summers. The rainiest season is autumn, while the least wet is spring.

Does It Rain Everyday In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam does get quite a bit of rain – this is northern Europe after all. There are over 200 wet days a year in the Netherlands, and the average annual rainfall is 760mm. It is safe to say that you will experience some rain in Amsterdam.

Is June A Good Month To Go To Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a popular destination in the summertime because of its warm weather and long sunny days. But along with the warm weather, Amsterdam is filled with tourists.

Is Amsterdam Crowded In June?

Amsterdam has a high season in summer, but traveling between June and August will be very expensive, crowded, and not a good idea. You can get a better deal by choosing milder weather and cheaper prices for a better trip.

How Is Amsterdam In June?

Amsterdam is a great city to visit in June because of its weather. There will be plenty of sunshine, with a normal daytime temperature of 15 Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) and a daytime high of 19-20 Celsius (66 F). The temperature in this region is 2 to 68 Fahrenheit.

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