What Climate Zone Is Tucson?

USDA Hardiness Zones 9a and 9b are located in Tucson, Arizona.

What Climate Zone Is Az?

In Arizona, USDA Hardiness zones range from 4b to 10b (Figure 1). 2).

What Zone Is Arizona In?


Hardiness Zone

Arizona City

Zone 9a: 20°F to 25°F

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area

Zone 6a: -10°F to -5°F

Arizona Village

Zone 10a: 30°F to 35°F


Zone 9a: 20°F to 25°F

What Are Zones 9 11?

In USDA zones 9, 11 and 12, the temperature is between 25 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is that winter temperatures are warm even when there is no freeze.

How Do You Know What Climate Zone You Are In?

A climate zone is determined by the average winter temperature in the geographical area in which it is typically located. Here you can see the temperatures and their zones, divided into A (colder half of the zone) and B (warmer half of the zone).

Which Zone Is Arizona In?


Hardiness Zone

Arivaca Junction

Zone 8b: 15°F to 20°F

Arizona City

Zone 9a: 20°F to 25°F

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area

Zone 6a: -10°F to -5°F

Arizona Village

Zone 10a: 30°F to 35°F

What Zone Is Phoenix Az?

USDA Hardiness Zones 9b and 10a are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

What Climate Zone Is Maricopa County?

Arizona Location

USDA Hardiness Zone(s)


Zone 9a, 9b


Zone 9a

Maricopa Colony

Zone 9b

Maricopa County

Zone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a

Where Are The Climates Located In Arizona?

Climate Arizona’s climate is arid and semi-arid, with average annual precipitation ranging from 3 inches in the southwest to around 40 inches in the White Mountains in the east.

Is Arizona In Two Time Zones?

Mountain time zones are in effect in all of Arizona. Most of the state has not observed daylight saving time since 1968, and Mountain Standard Time (MST) remains in effect all year round.

What Planting Zone Is Phoenix In?

In Phoenix, the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9b-10b are in place, so you’ll want to know what plants thrive in these zones before you plant them.

What Timezone Is Arizona In Today?


Time Zone Abbreviation & Name

Current Time

UTC -7


Mon, 1:01:55 pm

Where Is Zone 9 In The United States?

Most of the warmer zones (zones 9 through 11) in the United States are located in the deep south and on the southern coast. Hawaii has a maximum zone of 12 and Puerto Rico has a maximum zone of 13 (up to 12).

What Is My Growing Zone?

Alpine areas of south eastern Australia are covered in Zone 1. In Zone 2, you will find the tablelands of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, as well as the uplands of central Tasmania. Zone 3 covers most of the southern half of the continent except for some localities along the coast.

Where Is Zone 8 In The Us?

In addition to the Pacific Northwest, USDA Zone 8 extends to the American South, including Texas and Florida.

What Is Climatic Zone?

Climate zone A region or zone that is characterized by a generally consistent climate. Earth’s climate is characterized by distinct latitude belts.

What Are 5 Climate Zones?

  • Tropical.
  • Dry.
  • Temperate.
  • The Continental Airlines.
  • Polar.
  • What Is The Climate Zone Region?

    There are different climatic parametres that can be used to classify climate zones, which are areas with distinct climates that occur in the east-west direction around the Earth. Radiation causes temperature differences that result in recurring climatic conditions, such as winter and summer, when the temperature is warmer or cooler.

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