Joe Biden, the newly elected president of the United States of America, signs an executive order repealing the old government’s ban so that transgender people can serve in the nation’s military.
In turn, former President Donald Trump issued this order, issued in 2017, repealed former President Barack Obama’s decree. However, this Monday, January 25, a few hours after taking possession of the White House’s Oval Office, the new President Joe Biden, signs the executive order that allows transgender people to join the military. During the event, he was with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.
“This is re-establishing a position that previous commanders and secretaries have supported. And what I am doing is allowing all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform,” said President Biden from the presidential office. From the oval office seconds before signing the order.
Both the House of Representatives and the LGBTQ community members protested and condemned the order issued by former President Trump, pointing to it as discriminatory. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reaffirmed support for repealing the old decree. This statement was made last week before the Senate members, during his confirmation hearing.
On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she would open an investigation to examine all cases in which transgender members of the military were discharged because of their gender identity.
Psaki stated during an interview that: “No one will be separated or discharged from the military or denied re-enlistment based on gender identity, and for transgender service members who were discharged or separated because of their gender, their cases will be re-examined.”
She also affirm that President Biden: “… believes that gender identity should not be an obstacle to military service and that America’s strength is found in its diversity” and that “America is strongest worldwide when it is inclusive.”
As reported from the White House, late Monday morning, President-elect Joe Biden, met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. That same Monday afternoon, Lloyd Austin was sworn in before Vice President Harris as Secretary of Defense. Act held in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.
Both Kamala Harris and Lloyd Austin are the first two Afro-descendants to hold Vice President and Secretary of Defense positions. For her part, Harris is the first woman to hold the post and the first South Asian woman to hold the post. Her appearance highlights the enormous diversity that characterizes the Biden administration.
The new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, took the initiative to state his position against the ban imposed by former President Trump in 2017. In his presentation to the Senate Armed Services Committee, the new Secretary of Defense said: “Really I believe, senator, that, as I said in my opening statement, if you are fit and qualified to serve and can maintain standards, you should be allowed to serve. “
That same day in the afternoon, he was confirmed in his position, after having received an exemption issued by the United States Congress that allowed him to assume the position even if he did not comply with the express requirement of having completed seven years of sick leave from active duty of the army. After National Intelligence Director Avril Haines, Austin was the second member of Biden’s cabinet to be confirmed.

Trump’s ban
In 2017, Donald Trump announced the ban on serving in the army for all transgender people through Twitter. The then president’s argument indicated that transgender people in the military would generate.
The message in question reads: “After consultation with my generals and military experts, the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals in the Army. Our military must be focused on victory and cannot bear the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender people will bring to the Army. ”Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017.
This gave a blow to the decree issued by Trump’s predecessor president, Barack Obama, and was stopped by then-Defense Secretary James Mattis. The law made it impossible for people diagnosed with the condition known as gender dysphoria to serve, on a conditional basis, in the armed forces. The measure in question specifies that those people who suffer from this condition can serve as long as they do so according to the sex assigned at birth.
President Trump overturned the inclusion policy initially approved by former President Barack Obama, still under review. That would have allowed transgender people to serve according to the sex they identify and not the one they were born with.
Even though in 2019, the House of Representatives expressed its opposition to the measure, indicating it as discriminatory and exclusive, accusing it of being based on “faulty scientific and medical claims.” Even so, the Supreme Court approved the entry into force of the ban in January 2019.
The fear among transgender people who were already part of the US troops was evident. Some of them were removed from their post. However, after the current president, Biden signed the order to return this possibility to the members of this group, the press representative of the White House guaranteed that the cases of separation of these people from the body of the Armed Forces, would be reviewed and investigated so that they receive due care.
Some members of the groups and former members of the Armed Forces, spoke in this regard, saying:
“We are delighted that the Biden administration has moved forward to put this garbage policy in the dustbin of history,” Sasha Buchert, transgender military veteran and attorney, a principal representative for LGBTQ legal advocacy group Lambda Legal.
Alphonso David, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, expressed his agreement with the measure. “The largest military in the world will once again value prejudice training and discrimination qualifications.
This measure marks the inclusion agenda regarding gender that generated so many discussions during the last administration. The key to President Biden’s government is to integrate all gender groups in any of the country’s development areas. The army is only one of the aspects to intervene in this administration. The inclusion of pronouns and the flexibility for legal gender change will be a priority in the White House from now on.