There is just something about getting your house cleaned regularly that is a better feeling than any other. Every adult will know how much effort is to ensure your house is kept neat and tidy every single day, so regularly having someone else come in and do the cleaning for you is an absolute luxury. That feeling of coming home after a long day of work knowing that your home will be absolutely spotless, cleaner than it ever is when you tidy it and the fact you didn’t have to do it yourself makes it even more special. It also has many health benefits, having your house regularly thoroughly cleaned is actually great for your immune system and it is shown to boost productivity. There are so many cleaning companies in Canada to choose from but this cleaning company may become the most popular as alongside loving a good clean, many Canadians are now actively trying to be more environmentally friendly. 

Canada and the Environment

It is not surprising that many Canadians feel strongly about protecting the planet as more and more information is coming out that shows just how much damage humans have caused and are still causing to the planet. Canada has a long history of its commitment to protecting the environment, back in the 1970’s they created the Environmental Protection Agency whose main focus was on trying to prevent as much pollution as was occurring. They also helped to inform Canadian citizens about climate change and other climate issues to help them see everyone needs to play their own part in the fight against global warming. One main achievement of the Environmental Protection Agency is that they contributed to laws that have banned the creation of any new coal-based power plants to help reduce their nation’s emissions.  

Some recent statistics have revealed how much the average Canadian cares about protecting the environment, 61% think that during COVID-19 recovery making sure it’s a green recovery is vital and 77% believe that is it the fault of humans that the planet is changing. This is much higher than many other countries and explains the average Canadian’s willingness to search for more environmentally friendly products and services. 

Aspen Clean

Aspen Clean has become one of the most popular cleaning services in Canada as its ethos lines up with that of the majority of Canadian’s. This is a company that takes climate change extremely seriously and has built its business in a way that its operations do as little as possible to add any additional harm to the planet. They’ve been in business since 2003 so have had 18 years to develop their products to ensure the highest standard of environmental protection. Their products only use natural ingredients such as essential oils and they are chemical-free which is much better for cleaning in your home. In addition to cleaning with these products and greatly developed techniques, if you want to be more environmentally friendly when you clean then you can purchase their products online.