It is no secret to anyone that the Reality Show “The Bachelor” is pure drama shown on the small screen. Everything is valid in war and love and more when the heart of the most coveted man in the entire United States is won. The series has been trending for its evil level, making it almost unbearable for you to see.
The fourth chapter presented the current season 5 women join 18 contestants that Matt controls. This gathering of women creates an anxious environment where the girls struggle to have time with the boy.
Among the rookie contestants are “Brittany” is a 23-year-old model from Chicago. This girl heads to the make-out session automatically after meeting Matt, being a very bold move. The rookie’s action was good for the series, although her actions against her minutes after her were very malicious.
Anna is a Brittany company who lives in Chicago and is 24 years old. She feels despised because her friend made out with Matt. This girl proves that she has dirt on her friend and is not afraid to express it in front of the cameras.
The dispute between Anna and Brittany
Anna tells Victoria: “I had heard some rumors, and people go out of their way to tell me, ‘Beware of that girl who entertains men for money.’ The girl repeatedly repeats the anecdote throughout the reality show with a malicious look in front of Brittany.
Victoria takes all the insults from Anna and assumes that Brittany has an escort job, so she is wrong to participate in reality. Almost in front of the other girls on the group date, Anna points to Brittany, saying, “Be careful with her.” For Brittany, it is worrying that other girls know about the rumor, for which Anna briefly apologizes.
Brittany says, “No, I’m not an escort; it’s ridiculous to say it as she came out of my mouth. I have had a boyfriend since I was young. Get to know me before you give your opinion”.
Victoria laughs the moment Brittany speaks and says, “Okay, get out of the house” then she takes a few sips of her drink. The girl looks to her left, seeking her friends’ approvals, but nothing happened about it.
Brittany denies the rumor that she is an “escort.”
After Brittany denies the rumor that she is an escort and highlights that she is “hurt,” Anna and Victoria continue to laugh at her. The entire narrative for the week has created a division between the OGs and the rookie contestants, causing a major scandal. Anna’s rumor about her friend makes the reality show “Bachelor” very uncomfortable to watch.
If the producers take Brittanny at her word, then all of her rivals will purposely spread bad information to get her to retire. This rumor against the girl can make her leave the towel in reality for something that could be avoidable.
If Brittany were an escort, it is not synonymous with humiliating her in front of other women and with thousands of spectators. The girl is as common as the other contestants, and what she does outside of reality does not define her as a person. It is indifferent if Matt dedicates himself to marry a girl who is an escort or not because what matters is finding true love.
The Bachelor had an embarrassing and disappointing episode for viewers
Many future contestants who decide to join the reality show should know about this scrutiny that expanded nationally. The drama that reality has crossed the strip of harassment brings irreparable consequences to those affected. The Bachelor episode that aired harassing Brittany is embarrassing and very disappointing.
In the final line of the chapter, Katie gives a very good voice of reason in favor of Brittany. The girl asks Matt to control the privacy at home, and he promises to take action on the matter. Although the necessary measures were taken against harassment, the damage has already been done, and Bri will be known as the rookie who is an interesting escort.
The Bachelor and its significant seasons
The dramas that occur on reality shows are highly entertaining for fans to watch and laugh out loud. Some villains like Corinne for the season where Nick Vial participated were her fun atmosphere.
Other contestants like Luke P in the Hannah Brown season give an infuriating atmosphere without many problems. The season’s fighting problem was between a contestant and a protagonist, but it did not go overboard.
Contestant Victoria adopted Corinne’s persona as a very sad but self-obsessed villain. Corinne will be remembered as the baddie of reality that imparted all kinds of gossip to fulfill her goals and make the single man fall in love.
After finishing the last episode of the current season, Victoria broke all the audience’s expectations and became the worst villain. It will be very difficult to remove Victoria’s evil throne because of what she generated with Anna on the Reality Show. Anna can become Matt’s main focus where in later chapters, he can send her to pack her bags.
All the problem that happened with these girls was before the roses ceremony to have an unmissable ending. You have to know what actions matt will take on these wicked girls and which ones will go away. If Matt forgives Anna and Victoria’s actions, the reality show may lose popularity, leaving many viewers disappointed.
The surprise of “Victoria Comedian” seems to be coming to an end
Before the whole problem between Victoria-Anna and Britany came to reality, this woman had a history of being evil. Many viewers might have hated Victoria when she increased her toxicity by accusing Marylynn as a manipulator. This rumor that the girl generated worked, which caused Marylynn to leave reality at the recent rose ceremony.
Victoria has taken a liking to being the leader against Sarah when the girl faints in the middle of one of the chapters. The girl maintains that “Sarah is worse than Marylynn,” causing the girl to leave the show finally.
This woman lives to generate rumors and put down other girls by being a very audacious villain in what she does. Although Victoria has bad points about her, she has also surprised viewers with her good sense of humor. The attempt that she had to write erotically was successful, and she could enthuse a large part of the contestants.
This joke consists of comparing the falsehood that the women of Reality have with the falsehood they have orgasms with Matt. This girl has a lot to give in the show, although her jokes are sometimes exaggerated. Maybe for the next few episodes, Victoria will say goodbye, leaving the space for another new villain to emerge.