Elon Musk is the CEO of the Tesla automotive line, considered the richest person on the planet, and always innovated his ideals. On this occasion, the director of Tesla emphasized that he is very happy to make purchases on a handicrafts website. This artisan website is called Etsy and based on that tweet, the store’s actions have risen through the skies.
On average, shares in ETSY have risen 10% since it was marketed last Tuesday until now. Musk’s only thing about the company is “I love Etsy,” which was enough to send their market skyrocketing. When criticisms or approvals of this type are made on social networks with Elon Musk, the results are always dominant.
For this occasion, Musk bought a wool helmet from ETSY that represents Marvin the Martian from the cartoons. This character perfectly fits Musk, who sometimes reiterates his goal of going to Mars. SpaceX is the company Musk is currently working for to fulfill his dream of going to Mars at any time.
Etsy stocks were flat until late afternoon and backed down over the day. The handicraft store went from 10% to 8% in the afternoon, dropping its shares by 2%. This rapid increase in the store’s shares caused its popularity to skyrocket, increasing sales for the next few days.
It is unusual how a tycoon’s comment can change the different companies’ sales courses online. This time the value market on Etsy was the privileged one for Musk, but this is not the first time that happens.
ETSY and the reason for its popularity
Although many experts agree that Etsy was lucky to rise in value, it may follow a good algorithm. Some online companies’ shares are shrinking because their service is overvalued, and they are going through an external crisis. Many of these companies keep their stocks high because Reddit merchants support them.
Companies like BlackBerry (BB), Macy’s (M), Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), AMC, and GameStop (GME) are the ones that get support on Reddit. When you see the ETSY structure, you will notice that its prosperity in stocks is not due to Reddit or other support sources. Shares of the artisan store rose a lot after the arrival of Covid-19 and have still maintained that rise.
Many analysts have said that sales at the Etsy store have doubled in 2020 by 50%. All the earnings per stock that the company has soared to 175% being very prosperous. In short, Etsy was fine before the arrival of Musk’s tweet, but without a doubt, that momentum improved its sales pace.
With Musk’s tweet coming to light about how good Etsy is, this created more interest among many online users. This is not the first time Musk has produced large movements in assets away from Tesla. The cost of the DogeCoin coin that is virtual appeared at the end of the month when Musk posted it on Twitter.
It’s unlikely that Etsy directly benefited from Musk because it wasn’t expecting such a tweet from the mogul. Tesla also had moved at the time of the tweet, where they added the S&P 500 for December.
Many analysts were shocked on Wall Street when Tesla had a pushback for the asset index last September. Put, Tesla down their assets, and Etsy lured them in with a harmless tweet from CEO Elon Musk.
Elon Musk and his power with tweets to shoot the value market in companies
The CEO of Tesla has promoted craft companies like Etsy, but in previous days, he did it with DogeCoin. Elon Musk is awarded as the type of person who loves to talk about more on social networks and generates controversy. On this occasion, Musk added a positive tweet to a cryptocurrency giving it an air of being a very viable alternative.
What are dogecoins, and where did the initiative come from?
The DogeCoin or DOGE is a crypto alternative to Litecoin or LTC that came out at the end of 2013 with a good value. This cryptocurrency has its name based on a meme about a Shiba Inu breed dog. It was a cryptocurrency that had little hope of emerging, but it has shown itself as an innovation over the months.
In July of last year, the cryptocurrency took off with a campaign that was generated in Tik Tok that boosted its price. The crypto has remained in the top 41 of the financial tokens or DeFi for its value and speed in transactions. Given Musk’s recent tweets, this altcoin’s value took off, although it would not be the first time that Tesla’s SEO spoke about it.
A few months after DogeCoin’s exit, billionaire Elon Musk tweeted her saying that “it is inevitable.” This tweet eloquently stated that the DOGE value was on the rise, and no one could prevent it from exceeding LiteCoin. Although DOGE’s dreams of surpassing its decentralized currency are far away, Musk’s tweet certainly increased its value.
After Musk tweeted, the value of DOGE increased by 14%. Each Tweet of this SEO is a trend and more so when he promotes new cryptocurrencies.
Dogecoin received new praise from musk for December
In December 2020, the cryptocurrency DOGE received new praise from Musk for accepting that the cryptocurrency is his favorite. Musk tweeted about crypto was “Dogecoin could be my favorite cryptocurrency. It’s great,” which was enough to increase his popularity. Today, the cryptocurrency has received new admirers and an influx in its very impressive value.
The value of DOGE jumped 17% after Musk’s tweet, and the impressive thing was that it rose instantly. As Musk tweeted about the altcoin, all assets soared, which continued to rise in the previous days. By the end of the afternoon, the altcoin increased users by 25%, increasing its value.
When Musk talks about any company with a good tweet, the value market goes up astonishingly. This entrepreneur has power in his comments, and without a doubt, they have an eye for promoting good things. Just like ETSY or DogeCoin, Tesla’s SEO could power other small businesses in the future.
You can follow Musk on Twitter and find out what another company is promoting for you to visit now. In no time, Tesla SEO will have new news about the company, and you should not miss it.