President Joe Biden makes it a priority to address inequality within the United States. With the scenes of the insurrectionary troublemaker displaying himself for the Capitol with the Confederate flag brazenly, he urged that it was time to address this crisis.
A few weeks away from such shocking and unpleasant moments in the country’s history, Biden has made his most important political movements on the racial crisis. He has made a series of orders to end this issue looming over his presidency.
He spoke about George Floyd’s death last year, the Minnesota man who was the most shocking police brutality against African Americans. He stated that it was an issue that could no longer be ignored and that it should be addressed as soon as possible.
He also commented that those 8 minutes and 46 seconds that ended Floyd’s life were the triggers for millions of Americans to open their eyes to him. Biden said the image of George Floyd’s knee on the neck would not be forgotten.
Joe Biden continues ahead of his predecessor Donald Trump. House Democrats on Monday formulated an article of impeachment with Trump for his role as an inciter in the riot on Capitol Hill.
Biden also commented that this uprising took place at the former president’s incitement. For Biden, Trump fed racism with white nationalism and stressed that it was a very old dividing line in America. He noted that these events have left the country divided, something that has not happened since the Civil War that was fought over slavery. Biden affirms that the process is possible and very necessary for the United States.
On Monday, Kamala Harris, the first black woman vice president, swore in the first black Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. A few weeks apart from the Capitol riots, these episodes demonstrate the change Biden wants to make in America.
For the first time in American history, a president has elected such a diverse cabinet. He has declared all of his nominees in the Department of Justice to prevail civil rights and eliminate prejudice and racism. He affirmed the importance of applying equality in law for all Americans.
It is a sincere step, and at the same time, it is a very intelligent political position because he owes his victory precisely for the Democratic nominations. Joe Biden’s National Policy Council Director Susan Rice said Tuesday that Biden has been able to commit the entire government to promote fairness for all and working to promote racial justice.
Rice also commented that these policies are to feel good, but the purpose is to invest in equity for its economic growth. She says jobs can be created for all Americans regardless of skin color.
All of these statements anticipate a plan that is more extensive and goes beyond racial issues.
On Tuesday, Biden spoke of 4 areas where fair housing is included. He also addressed the penal system’s reform to take measures on the energy issue against private prisons. He recommitted his government to raising the Native American tribes and communities. He also spoke of fighting xenophobia against Pacific Islanders and Asian-Americans.
A moving moment
Joe Biden has tried to face this moment responsibly, following some comments early in his political career that were contrary and awkward about race.
On a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, during his election campaign, Biden commented on the national tidal excitement that followed another police shooting of an African-American that paralyzed Jacob Blake. This was a catalytic moment to work on the racial crisis and inequality concerning opportunity.
He noted that he recognized that white Americans could never fully appreciate the historical pain African Americans felt. He stated, “I can’t understand what it means to walk out the door or send a child to the door and just worry about being black and that they might not come home.”
These are words that represent very important symbolism and are used by the president to mobilize all Americans and affect change.
Martin Luther King Jr. commented, “The easy and loose language about equality, sisterhood resolutions are topics that go down well with the ear, but for blacks, there is a credibility gap that cannot be ignored.”
In a more recent lesson, Barack Obama, who was the first black commander-in-chief, has shown the same interest in breaking down racism barriers to avoid new problems.
Everything Joe Biden Raises
All this effort by President Biden needs the Department of Justice’s action to work on civil rights and guarantee social equality. Rice, the former national security adviser, speaks of a mandate that includes all government agencies.
With George Floyd’s death, Biden is also expected to seek reform in policing. In the early days of his tenure, Biden has signed an executive order that needs all government departments to work on racial equality.
Biden added that promoting equality for all, including people of color and people who have been marginalized and neglected, should be the entire government’s responsibility. At the time, Joe Biden also struck down a previous executive order that Donald Trump had signed.
He also commented that he has the moral authority to win against a president who divided Americans with his hard-line campaign. A campaign based on false claims that the Democratic candidate wanted to dismantle the police as they are known today.
Biden in the middle
Biden’s comments about systemic racism in the criminal justice system put him in two extreme positions. He is faced on the side by conservatives who are eager to call him an anti-politician and an enemy of the whites.
Biden also faces progressives who want radical reform to withdraw funds from the police.
Conservative media have already claimed that Biden wants to confront and equate all Donald Trump voters wrongly. Many Republicans also seek to establish a false equivalence between the Black Lives Matter protests’ clashes and the January 6 violence inspired by Donald Trump on Capitol Hill.
Biden claims that the violence that unfolded in many cities in the summer is not the true expression of all the people who marched against racial injustice. These issues have put Biden in between 2 out of 2 versions regarding his political personality.
Biden has been severely criticized for his criminal justice legislation role in 1990. Biden has had a good relationship with the police and all of his unions throughout his political career.