Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the popular social network site Facebook has always had a lot of controversy around him right from the very start of Facebook with his lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins. Facebook was the very start of social media becoming so popular. As Facebook became so popular other social media sites started appearing such as Twitter and Instagram. The use of social media has also developed, it is no longer just used to connect with people worldwide but it’s largely used as a platform for influencers, with this development came websites like that allows you to buy likes/follows to boost your engagement on various social media sites. When Facebook was created it was impossible to predict that this is how social media would turn out. As Facebook has become one of the most used sites in the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s power in society has also grown alongside social media use. He has been called to the senate before and now he is being recalled.


Mark Zuckerberg has been called to the Senate once before, this was back in 2018 and it was due to a data-sharing scandal. The other main company involved in this scandal was Cambridge Analytica, they managed to obtain data from over 50 million Facebook user’s accounts and they took this data and sold it to third parties including the Donald Trump Presidency Campaign. They managed to obtain this data by offering approximately 300,000 users a small payment to complete a short survey, however, once this survey was downloaded by the user it shared information not just about them, but also about their Facebook friends. This is one of the biggest data sharing scandals that has ever occurred and although Facebook promised to put more safeguarding in place to prevent anything like this from ever happening again, it led to the hashtag ‘#deletefacebook” going viral as a backlash and the loss of trust in the company. At the time it seemed like this scandal could permanently damage Facebook’s reputation.

Following this scandal, Mark Zuckerberg was called to the Senate to testify about the situation and to discover what had gone so badly wrong to allow this to happen. He was also called to the senate in the early months of 2020 alongside the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey as there was outrage about fake news circulating on their websites. It is believed that fake news on social media directly impacted many things such as the Brexit Vote in the UK and even the US Election. As these two men have so much power they also have a large amount of responsibility and the general opinion is that they should have used their power to crack down much more harshly on the fake news that was circulating.

Will Mark Zuckerberg be called to the senate again?

After the 2020 US Election, Donald Trump was voted out of power as Joe Biden and the Democrats won the Election. Since he and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the inauguration in January there is a whole new administration running the US. The Biden administration has already made their intentions clear that they want to repeal section 230 – which shields those in charge of any social media sites from being liable for what their users post. Following the 2020 Election, more lawsuits were filed against Facebook, so with these lawsuits and the changes the Biden Administration is pushing for it is more than likely that Zuckerberg will be called before the Senate again.