How Working Americans Are Fighting Fatigue

A very high percentage of Americans work office jobs, this involves sitting at their desks working on their computers for 40 hours a week, or sometimes, in demanding jobs at demanding times this number could even be much higher. Whilst it may not seem like it should be something that is draining and causes fatigue as it requires very little physical energy, the amount of working adults dealing with fatigue is rapidly increasing. If you’re working a manual labour job then you can easily understand why you’re suffering from fatigue as it involves a lot of physical exertion, but it is much harder to see why when you work in office conditions. You would assume that as you’re sat down all day you’d have plenty of leftover energy at the end of the day to get on with all the other tasks and activities you need to do or have planned, but this is not the case. Working an office job uses a lot of mental energy to keep up focused for such a long period of time and this is also a factor when it comes to fatigue.

How do I know if I’m suffering from fatigue?

How do I know if I'm suffering from fatigue?Feeling tired after a day of work is normal, this can be due to many things such as a bad nights sleep meaning you wake up tired, not having enough time to eat enough during your lunch time leaving you in a calorie deficit, a stressful journey or work troubles can all make you feel tired.

However, suffering from fatigue due to work should not be normal and it is something that you should actively try to help to ensure that it gets better. The best way to tell if you’re just tired or if you’re suffering from fatigue is that you can distinguish between them by the length of time, tiredness goes away after a few days, if it is persisting then it is likely fatigue.

The biggest factors that contribute to workplace fatigue is the repetitiveness of what you do at work daily, humans aren’t designed to complete the same activities over and over, on top of this people who are in low paying jobs have a lot of additional stress around things like being able to pay their bills and professions like paramedics have a lot of stress due to the pressure of their jobs. This stress is another huge factor that contributes to fatigue.

Swapping between night shifts and day shifts also has a huge impact on your internal body clock and can cause fatigue. Finally, the average number of hours worked has hugely increased in the last few decades and due to the development of technology, when your work day officially ends, it often doesn’t actually end there with work tasks being carried out at home.

Is a work-life balance important to fight fatigue?

Yes! As we briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, not having a good work life balance is one of the biggest contributing factors to suffering from fatigue. Before technology became such a prominent part of technology and advanced, people would generally work a 9-5 office job and when they left the office they would be free to relax until 9am the next day. Now, most employees are never off the clock as they can be reached by their manager all times of day and night and often end up working over dinner or late into the evening.

This lack of separation between work and home is unhealthy, to help fight fatigue you should try and draw a clear line between work and home. One way you can try to do this is by having a work phone and a normal phone, after a certain time each evening turn your work phone off and let everyone from work know after this time you won’t be able to respond until the following day. Fatigue is often caused by lack of motivation and repetitiveness, often to fight fatigue what you have to do is a different activity.

By switching off your work phone at a particular time then you’ll be able to use this time to take part in other activities, this can include finding a sport to take part in, or if you don’t want to do something physically demanding this can be something as simple as finding a new series to watch on Netflix and having time to yourself to relax.

What else can I do?

Since the legalistation of marijuana in most states, this has become one of the most common ways to deal with fatigue. It has many great properties and helping to combat fatigue is one of them, however, if you’re using this often to relax and fight fatigue it can end up an expensive solution. If you find it works for you and want to save some money then you can grow your own, you can get the best marijuana seeds from farmers lab seeds to do this. Other lifestyle changes you can make to help fight fatigue it to start practicing yoga during your work breaks, this helps to stretch your muscles and relax your mind, around 40% of people have found this really helpful. Finally, exercise and eating healthy helps with most things and fatigue is not the exception, regular exercise and your 5 a day are another great way to help fight fatigue.