How To Remove Washington Post From Google News?

You can only choose “Go to” from the three dots next to a story when you click on them. The search for a news story or source does not appear to work. Hide it as soon as it appears in your news feed. The search for a news story or source is not possible without hiding it.

How Do I Remove A Source From Google News?

Hover your mouse over the title of the article to hide a source that you do not want to read news from future results. You can click the three vertical dots just below the link to open the window. You will then be able to hide all stories from [source].

How Do I Block Sites From Google News?

  • You should first unsubscribe from the website you registered on.
  • You need to sign in with Google Docs.
  • You can access Google Docs at
  • Try blocking unwanted sites by clicking Block unwanted sites.
  • How Do I Change My News Settings?

  • You can open Google News by clicking on the Google News app.
  • You can access your Profile picture or initial by tapping it at the top right.
  • To change your settings, tap the setting you wish to change.
  • How Do I Remove A News Source From Google News?

    Select Remove from Library from the three vertical dots next to the name of a topic or source to stop following it.

    How Do I Block A Source On Google News?

  • You can no longer get updates from a source so find a story from that source.
  • Hide all stories from [source] by pointing to the story’s headline or title.
  • How Do I Remove Interests From Google News?

    You can find a list of topics and publications you’re following by tapping the Following option on the left hand menu of Google News. You can remove an interest from your library by clicking More > Remove from library next to it.

    Can I Exclude Sources From Google News?

    If you don’t want to see a topic, click the three-dot button and choose “Fewer stories like this” from the menu. By doing this, Google may be able to learn which topics you do not want to see. On a desktop computer, you will not be able to see the three-dot menu.

    How Do I Unblock Google News?

    You can remove hidden sources by clicking the red icon next to “hidden sources” in the left-hand menu. Scroll down and click on “settings”, then “manage” next to “hidden sources”.

    Can I Block A Website From Appearing In Google Search?

    Sites to exclude can be expanded under Sites to Search on the Basics tab by clicking Advanced. You can exclude sites by clicking Add under Sites. Choose whether you want to include all pages that match or just one specific page, then enter the URL you want to exclude.

    How Do I Block Certain News Sites?

  • You can open the browser and select Tools (alt+x) > Internet Options. Click the security tab, then select the red Restricted sites icon. Click the Sites button underneath.
  • You now need to manually type the websites you wish to block one-by-one in the pop-up window. Click Add once each site has been manually entered.
  • How Do I Change My Apple News Settings?

    The stories that are shown in Apple News can be modified by setting preferences. You can access your preferences from the News app on your Mac by selecting News > Preferences. You cannot access Apple News or Apple News+ in all countries or regions.

    How Do I Change My Google News Feed?

    You can access the new tab page on your Android phone by selecting Settings > New tab. You can toggle Show my news feed off or change your news source by selecting the region and language you want to view.

    How Do I Set Up Google News?

  • The Publisher Center should now be open.
  • Choosing a publication is the first step.
  • You can get Google News by clicking here.
  • Select Edit from the Content settings menu.
  • You can update your web location by clicking More under the web location you want to update.
  • Click on the new URL in the pop-up window to open it.
  • Save your file by clicking Save.
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