More than a month has passed since the singer Twigs filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, there are many unknowns to solve. British-born musician Shia LaBeouf had an awkward moment being accused as an abuser against his partner. Now the singer has presented details about the emotional and physical abuse he suffered and intended to “change the stigma on domestic abuse.”
In the Los Angeles court lawsuit, the singer listed more than five causes of action against Shia. The causes of the lawsuit were based on sexual assault, battery, emotional distress, gross negligence, and domestic battery. Based on this demand, the singer asks for millionaire figures’ monetary reward after ending the one-year relationship.
In the podcast published in the previous days for “Grounded with Louis Theroux,” Twigs recounted Shia’s incident in 2019. This 33-year-old singer born in Tahliah Debrett Barnett recalled that terrifying moment for February 2019. In this account, the artist said LaBeouf was driving without a seatbelt, threatening her that he would crash if she didn’t love him.
For her story, the artist said, “I ended up strangling myself in an audience at a gas station, and nobody did anything,” with tears in her eyes. She accepted that “that was a really low moment for me because I felt like they would never believe me.” It is a quite annoying story where the girl and other women worldwide suffer physical abuse by her partner.
Shia Labeouf responded to allegations of abuse
The 34-year-old musician LaBeouf responded to the above accusations “was not in a position to tell anyone about my behavior.” LaBeouf contacted The New York Times via email, where he had the opportunity to defend his image against the accusations. Shia LaBeouf also told the magazine:
“I have no excuses about my alcoholism or aggression. They are just rationalizations. I accept that I have been very abusive with those around me and even with myself for a long time. I have a history of hurting the people around me. I am ashamed of that story, and I am sorry; I can say nothing else. “
Twigs: As a couple had a change triggered
The artist Twigs described a change in their “very intense honeymoon period” with something unchained during her relationship. She recalls that LaBeouf “started an argument and berated me for a few hours until I felt like the worst person.”
Twigs said that: “I felt so controlled, confused and depressed, far below me I was even afraid to leave because I would not feel good.” She added that: “I think I started to isolate myself, I stopped talking to my friends and family. He lived in a regulatory way that he got into many problems”.
Singer Twigs’ entire perspective changed suddenly when she called a hotline for abused women. This was a “massive wake-up call” where she expressed her feelings and all the concerns that she had in mind.
Twigs aims to decrease the stigma surrounding domestic abuse that many women suffer. The artist, she said, “is something that represents a big problem in society that is not talked about much today.”
The singer suggests that: “All I do is think of myself when I am over 50 with children.” She suggests that “I think about what I want to represent, it was unexpected, I didn’t think it would go through this.” She completes by saying, “when I am very old and have a daughter, I will tell her: ‘This happened to me, and I solved it.”

A very brief relationship between Labeouf and Twigs
For the period 2018 – 2019, British musician LaBeouf and singer Twigs dated after meeting in the movie “Honey Boy.” This was a vanity project inspired by the artist’s childhood and the relationship he had with his father. Twigs and LaBeouf dated for a very short time where physical and emotional abuse ended their romantic lives.
Both artists were in the media when they came out. They were a beautiful couple, but it was not perfect behind the scenes. When the abuse claim came to light, it became a trend in many national and international media.
Learn more about the Twigs – Labeouf Lawsuit
The lawsuit claims that the British musician gave Twigs a type of STD where he is accused of relentless abuse. Other reasons for the lawsuit are assault, emotional distress, and sexual assault.
According to the lawsuit filed in court, the artist suggests that their relationship was “a living nightmare.” Twigs said that “LaBeouf was gaining her trust and finally abusing her.” In the days following their relationship, it is noted that he participated in mental and finally physical abuse, becoming increasingly violent.
In the lawsuit’s opening lines, he notes that “Shia LaBeouf likes to hurt women.” The artist complies with that “He uses us and then physically and mentally abuses us. He is very dangerous”.
Regarding the interview, participant twigs have said that “this situation is not about Shiites but me.”
Twigs add in the interview that:
“I do this to have something bigger. I want to change the conversation about domestic abuse of women completely. I am healed from this experience, and I want to make myself available to do something positive to help others. It is good to heal things publicly. I am a very big girl, and I can do it.”
Know how much Shia Labeouf controlled Twigs
Twigs has declared many things about the “ordeal” that she lived with her former partner, the musician Shia LaBeouf. The singer has said that the British actor and musician demanded that she constantly declare her love for him. It was a few months of terror that the artist spent in a relationship that, at first glance, looks perfect.
Twigs has reported that the actor would not let her make any eye contact with other men because he was quickly annoyed. She maintained that if she tried to be nice to a waiter or another person, the actor felt flirting. The relationship between these two famous people ended after completing four months of physical and emotional abuse.
Another chilling anecdote that the artist reviews is that LaBeouf counted the number of kisses she gave him per day. If the singer did not meet the daily kiss quota, the actor would get upset and start an argument for a few hours. Twigs said, “he had a daily kissing limit that if he didn’t comply, he would bother with me. I never knew what the number that he established was”
LaBeouf also had a lawsuit by singer SIA calling him a “liar pathologist” when they had a brief relationship. For now, the transformers saga actor has to wait for the final verdict in the supreme court to reward the physical abuse against Twigs.