Streaming networks are a resounding success for the entertainment market. The experience of watching series or movies from the comfort of home and almost no sacrifices is a premise that appeals.
Netflix is ​​one of the most popular platforms and possibly the one that has brought viewers the most success. Its content is very distinctive, providing all kinds of emotions with its hilarious and occasionally alarming stories.
The inspiration for this chain’s productions can come from everywhere, including books already written. “Bridgerton” is a series that came out at the end of last December and is based on the saga with the same name.
There are eight books that this successful saga has, and each one takes as its protagonist one of the Bridgerton brothers. These characters’ stories go from being individual to converging on the same idea, maintaining the original material’s essence.
The series’s chapters are eight and mark the main plot of the first book entitled “The Duke and I.” The success is enormous, becoming one of the most viewed productions shortly after its release.
The road that took place was long for the author Julia Quinn, who has been putting out this saga for years. For her, it was quite a surprise that the offer from Netflix reached her ears if she wants.
The unexpected proposal happened on any given day and ended up changing her life almost completely. Her books that were already recognized now enjoy a success that she never believed in the romantic genre.
For Julia Quinn, the most incredible thing about the whole thing was discovering that everything happened by a simple chance. On vacation, producer Shonda Rhimes ran out of reading material and found the Bridgerton saga.
As vague as it all sounds, Netflix gave the green light to one of its most promising projects to date. The romantic series has undergone some notorious modifications concerning its original material but has remained stable.
This program’s second season has been confirmed, and it is set in book number two. “The Viscount I Love Me”. It is the story of the Bridgertons’ older brother, Anthony, on his way to marriage.
Rhimes had a good eye for picking out this fascinating saga full of romantic adventures everywhere. The production company has also been in charge of bringing huge hits like “Scandal” or “Grey’s Anatomy,” which come from ABC.
Julia Quinn and her foray into the series
Since the end of December, this product has been on everyone’s lips as something innovative for its genre. From the beginning, the book writer could not believe that the offer had come if she wanted.
She commented that she was simply at Starbucks pretending to do something when she received the agent’s call. The surprise was huge because few producers currently adapt romance genre novels, much less for series.
Rhimes took a risky idea and turned it into something fantastic for all stripes’ viewers. Quinn also admitted via that he hadn’t even considered the option of selling his books again on the success.
Right now, many people are interested in knowing how the story of the Bridgerton brothers and their most notable relatives continues. It will not be a surprise if more than one viewer turns to the books moved by the program’s frenzy.
Although some viewers would not bear the story’s spoilers, this is not an impediment to follow both formats. The series innovates a lot since the plots are intertwined more comfortably for the audience.
Remember that there are eight adapted books, and each one is based on a specific character. The Netflix show gets rid of this idea to tie each story together, bringing future and past characters at ease.
For every lover of the saga, this adaptation has been a visual delight full of references everywhere. Some claim to be satisfied because it shows uniform monitoring of each book.
A lot is expected of this production, especially that the incredible quality that this first season had is maintained. Shonda Rhimes and the entire team involved are doing an exceptional job.
All about the continuation of the series
Bridgerton’s success has been almost immediate, and that is why there is already confirmed for a new season. Netflix announced that the series became the original production with the most visits.
With only a month of its release, this achievement is simply shocking for everyone involved. Taking advantage of this series is great reception; there are plans to start production as quickly as possible.
It is estimated that filming could begin for season number two by this spring. This installment will be focused on Anthony Bridgerton, and although the Dukes of Hastings will continue to be present, they will not have as much relevance.
Bridgerton is a saga that has many interesting nuances that are explored to the fullest in the series. Some things are noticeably different, but each change is made to give context to future events.
The secondary characters’ stories are further explored and even bring new faces like the Queen and her nephew. These additions allow the viewer to see beyond a single perspective, as in books.
Shonda Rhimes took a chance on creating an adaptation that was likely to displease the original fans of the series. Fortunately, the right decisions were made, and the audience recognized it as one of the year’s projects.
Author Julia Quinn has spent more than 20 years publishing this enigmatic saga, so her surprise is undeniable. Her first book, “The Duke and I” was published in 2000, and now she is getting the recognition she deserves.
The baton is high for Netflix this time, and fans are already eager to see what’s coming. Reading Rhimes on her vacation yielded more than incredible fruits for all of us.
It is no wonder that this production company had seen the potential of Bridgerton as she has been behind great projects. Nobody will forget this series for the moment, much less those who followed the saga of books from before.
It only remains to wait to see what this new season will bring, with a different story but following the most striking family. Producer Shonda Rhimes does not go unnoticed, although these are sometimes controversial.
Bridgerton promises a lot and will soon be in production again, so it only remains patient. Author Julia Quinn is very excited for what is coming as seeing her characters come to life from her is always unique.
Now Lord Anthony Bridgerton takes the reins of the show, bringing us a story of romance that few would like to miss. Success is undeniable for this project produced by the quintessential Netflix network; missing out is not an option.