Covid-19 has brought to the population one of the biggest concerns that have been seen in years. Home confinement has been an obligation to which we have all been exposed equally.
Almost all of 2020 has been deprived by the pandemic, but the Covid-19 vaccine has come to light. Hope for many has been considerably restored despite adversity and confinement.
This vaccine promises a lot, and that is why many celebrities have already administered it. Queen Elizabeth II is only one of many familiar faces, but it is long.
Joe Walsh
The acclaimed band, The Eagles, has had quite a fruitful music career. He plays the guitar and is also an occasional singer and songwriter of the hard rock genre and the like.
The artist recently announced that he received the Covid-19 vaccine injection not long ago. Walsh says the medication is disorienting but still functional in his daily activities.
Another side effect that the guitarist has experienced is fatigue and enormous pain in the arm. Despite everything, Walsh claims to be fine and that he does not regret the decision he made at all.
Tyler Perry
This successful actor, director, and producer had a successful career within the entertainment industry in general. His efforts have been highly recognized, which is why Perry has become an icon today.
The Covid-19 vaccine was already given to him on two different occasions. The actor claims that he was initially very reluctant to involve this new substance.
The reasons for such distrust for Perry are very obvious, in addition to the fact that he also carried responsibility for the African American community. In the end, the actor agreed to the dose after asking many questions about the vaccine that was being spread.
Doctors patiently responded to any questions Perry had until he was satisfied. Now 51-year-old Tyler Perry is proud to be on his second dose of this Convid-19 vaccine.
Samuel L. Jackon
Everyone knows this American actor and producer as a Hollywood icon. In the 72 years of his life, he has managed to give life to countless characters that are simply unforgettable.
He is recognized for his Pulp Fiction or Star Wars roles, earning many fans everywhere. His most recent success comes from embodying Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Samuel L. Jackson recently took to Instagram to comment that he would be given the Covid-19 vaccine. More comments are expected from the actor, but at the moment he seems very satisfied with his decision.

Patrick Stewart
This British actor has dabbled in quite notable roles on the big and small screen for a long time. Now 80 years old, he announced that he received the long-awaited vaccine and not only that, he actively encouraged its administration.
Through a video on Instagram, you can see how the vaccine managers give Stewart the dose. All of this happens through a car window, and the actor confirms that he waited more than four hours in line.
Patrick Stewart also gives positive comments about the service and sacrifice of health workers. He also calls on the population to receive their vaccination and continue using the masks regularly.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
There is no doubt that Schwarzenegger is a legend due to his foray into different careers. He is a businessman, actor, politician, and even ex-bodybuilder who has known how to make his name known.
The public a video where he was vaccinated from his car’s window on January 20. The actor admits to being very happy with his decision, claiming that his happiness waiting in line was absolute.
This is a simple video where the celebrity looks straight into the camera after the injection. He recommends everyone to get vaccinated and ends with an iconic phrase from his character in “Terminator.”
Al Roker
The Today show stands out for having quite remarkable professionals, and Al Roker is one of them. This meteorologist broadcast live from a Hospital in New York while he was injected with the Covid-19 vaccine.
The video explains why he was qualified for the vaccine, his age of 65. He claims that he insisted on the health website in New York State until he entered.
Roker also underwent surgery not long ago for his prostate cancer diagnosed in November. The meteorologist says it’s all a matter of luck, so he highly recommends the Pfizer vaccine.
Dan Rather
This journalist and host of the acclaimed CBS News are completely proud to have received the vaccine from him. He revealed his gratitude to science and its workers on January 19 after the injection on Twitter.
Steven Martin
The actor and comedian who has given life to incredible characters on the big screen showed to the public on Twitter that he is getting vaccinated. The interesting thing was that he decided to comment on it with the humorous touch that characterizes him so much.
He decided to give the good news that he had been vaccinated, but he also claimed it was because he was 75 years old. Although the funny touch is present, he also took it upon himself to later thank the scientific field for making everything possible.
Loretta Lynn
This 88-year-old singer with a great career behind her confirmed that she was vaccinated on January 16. She had to leave Tennessee for it, but she is completely happy with her results.
The announcement was made from Facebook, joining the large number of already protected artists against Covid-19.
Judi Dench
The British writer and actress told BBC News through a video that she has already received the first dose. On January 14, it all happened, and she directly commented on the great start this meant.
Willie nelson
He is a legend within the Country genre who has maintained himself despite his years of living. On the 13th of this month, I posted a photo of him receiving the injection in Texas while encouraging its use.
Other famous
It is no secret that society is a bit unsure of this new vaccine spreading. Influential people understand this, so they are responsible for promoting its administration.
Hundreds of celebrities in different areas have set an important example to the community by testing the vaccine on themselves. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Martha Stewart, Joan Collins, and other well-known images have gotten down to business.
The use of the Vaccine against Covid-19 is essential, so it should be administered. Following in the footsteps of these celebrities is important.