If you are someone that likes to stay up to date with the world of social media, then you have probably heard of the buyout of Instagram from Facebook. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for an impressive one billion dollars, making it the biggest social media buyout yet. Since then, Facebook has continued to buy out several social media sites, but nothing has compared to the buyout of Instagram in 2012.  


Why did Facebook buy out Instagram? 

Though Instagram has not been around as long as Facebook, it has secured itself a place in most people’s social media rotations. In 2012 Instagram was at its highest use, with millions of people making accounts and sharing pictures of their everyday lives. Facebook could clearly see the potential in Instagram as more and more people were switching from posting their photo updates on Facebook to Instagram.  Instead of taking the loss of content, Facebook saw an opportunity to diversify its network connections.   

Having control of both Facebook and Instagram gave Facebook a lot of power. This is because a lot of people were slowly starting to move away from Facebook due to a lack of updates and a general disconnect from its user base. Being able to use a platform that was only becoming more popular with every day gave Facebook the chance to do some extensive research,  

While owning and operating Instagram, Facebook was able to see what features of Instagram were working and what was bringing in more and more users. Facebook figured that if they were able to work out what was making Instagram so popular, then they could apply this to Facebook and have two popular social media sites under their belts.  


What was working on Instagram? 

The main reason that Instagram was finding popularity so easily is due to their media sharing. Facebook has always allowed you to share pictures and videos on the site, but the quality of the videos and pictures was always compromised by the site. Pictures that were previously very clear were blurry once uploaded to the site, which made a lot of people hesitant to do so.  

There wasn’t much of a video culture on Facebook either, once again thanks to the problems that were found on the site.  For this reason, people had a lot of content that they wanted to share with the world, but nowhere to really put it aside from Youtube and Myspace.  

Due to media such as videos and pictures being the main focus of Instagram, the production team had made sure that anything that was uploaded to the site kept its quality and could be easily shared among users. This was the main difference between Facebook and Instagram and once Facebook had ownership of Instagram, they were able to figure out how to adjust their site to cater to the needs of their users.  


What differences did Facebook make to Instagram?  

Something that Facebook has been successfully doing for a number of years is monetizing the content that people uploaded to the site. Instagram had been operating with ads on the site, but they had not really reached the potential that they could in terms of making a profit from the traffic that the site had been getting.  

Facebook not only gained money from sharing generalized ads onto the site, they formed relationships with successful page owners and created a two-way relationship in which Facebook was able to give them money for the traffic they were bringing to the site, while also making money for the site itself. 

This is something that was quickly applied to Instagram, but with much more success due to the kind of content that was being shared on the site. This is where ‘influencers’ started to gain popularity and a brand new culture and way of looking at social media was formed.  


How did the buyout of Instagram change social media? 

Once Facebook had ownership of Instagram, there was a complete shift in the way that social media worked. Social media was no longer just a platform for sharing your everyday thoughts and meals, it was a business.  

Though the creators of the sites had always been making money, with the merge of Instagram and Facebook, the users could now use the social media platforms to make a form of income. The occupational opportunities have only increased as the years have gone on with both social media platforms.  

As the opportunities to make money on the sites have become more accessible, there has also been a lot more competition. These days you have to try and stand out among a long line of social media influencers that are trying to make it big on the site.  Users are using a number of different methods in order to gain popularity on the site, the most popular of which being to Instagram likes kaufen as this brings more traffic to their personal pages and increases the likelihood of them being able to gain more advertisement opportunities.  

There is no doubt that taking over Instagram was a fantastic move from Facebook as it has allowed them to improve the quality of their own site. Both sites now listen to the feedback that has been given by users for years and are applying it to the platforms in order to make them easier to use and more beneficial to the users.