Shoe making saves Zimbabwe’s Jobless Youth

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HARARE - Establishing an unlicensed, backyard home-made shoe business has become a way to escape poverty in Zimbabwe.
According to statistics from Harare Cobblers Association, an organisation of young shoemakers, over 196 thousand youngsters aged 19 to 24 have set up shops on street corners.

19 year old Shelton Mbariro, a young shoemaker says they craft the shoes using raw hides that they get from abattoirs and cattle farms in and outside Harare, making strong and long-lasting shoes.

Despite the increased availability of cheap, Chinese-made shoes, these handmade shoes are popular because of their long lifespan, attractive designs and negotiable prices.

According to the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, 3.7 million of the country’s 13.7 million Zimbabweans worked in the informal sector (END//2014)

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