Senegal Walks a Fine Line Between Development and Environmental Protection

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DAKAR - While the cement factories in Senegal fight over the environmental impact one company will have on the country, experts have cautioned that as the government plans to radically develop and industrialise the country, striking a balance between environmental protection and development will be key.
“We need cement to help industry in Senegal. At the same token, it will have adverse effects on the environment and we have to try and minimise them,” Dr. Thomas Ibrahima, a researcher at the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research (ISRA), told IPS.

Cement manufacturing is not the only industrialisation taking place here. President Macky Sall went to Paris in February to solicit donations to fund Emerging Plan Senegal (PSE), the government’s plan to radically develop and industrialise the country. (END//2014)

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