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World: Amid Scepticism, U.N. Trumpets Successes in Cutting Poverty
UNITED NATIONS - With 17 months before the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach their targets by the December 2015 deadline, the United Nations is trumpeting its limited successes – but with guarded optimism.

World: Child Migrants Flee Central American Crisis
MEXICO - A growing number of Central American children are leaving their countries and immigrating to neighbouring countries in South America or the United States of America.

World: At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy
PORT OF SPAIN - According to World Bank official Daryl Fields, understanding the water- energy nexus is critical for addressing growth and human development, urbanisation and climate change, but says that many policy-makers are finding it challenging to transform this concept into a reality.

Africa: Burundian Women Want a Greater Say in Running of Country
BUJUMBURA - With the build up to 2015 general elections, women in Burundi still face discrimination in occupying positions of power.

Africa: Shoe making saves Zimbabwe’s Jobless Youth
HARARE - Establishing an unlicensed, backyard home-made shoe business has become a way to escape poverty in Zimbabwe.

Africa: Senegal Walks a Fine Line Between Development and Environmental Protection
DAKAR - While the cement factories in Senegal fight over the environmental impact one company will have on the country, experts have cautioned that as the government plans to radically develop and industrialise the country, striking a balance between environmental protection and development will be key.

World: Red Card for Exploitation of Children at Brazil’s World Cup
RIO DE JANEIRO - The FIFA World Cup being played in Brazil has sounded a warning for organisations fighting exploitation of children and adolescents, during an event that has attracted 3.7 million tourists to the 12 host cities.

Africa: ARV shortage hit Mozambique HIV treatment programme
MAPUTO - Chronic shortages of antiretrovirals across Mozambique are endangering the health and the lives of tens of thousands of HIV positive people on treatment.

Africa: Mauritian Sugar Farmers Squeezed by Low Prices as Bagasse and Ethanol Become Popular By-products
PORT LOUIS - While Mauritius has been forced to transform its sugar industry because of low prices for the commodity, the country’s small-scale sugarcane farmers who contribute to it say they are barely earning a living.

World: U.S. Economy Will Grow But Not Trickle Down, OECD Warns on Inequality
WASHINGTON - Even though the U.S. economy is expected to grow over the coming two years, inequality will not improve without policy reforms, a major grouping of rich countries is warning.

World: U.N. Releases Guidelines on Reparations for Victims of Sexual Violence
UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations has little or no authority to prosecute offenders of sexual violence in their peacekeeping missions, or ensure adequate compensation to victims.

Africa: Kenya’s Climate Change Legislation Takes Shape To Save Struggling Farmers
NAIROBI - About 500 thousand Kenyan small-scale tea farmers are facing uncertainty with their crop yields and might have to give up their plantations in favour of farming climate-resilient food crops.

Africa: South Sudan’s Wildlife Become Casualties of War and Are Killed to Feed Soldiers and Rebels
South Sudan - Poaching has always been a common practice in South Sudan. But conservationists say since the conflict began in December 2013, there has been an upsurge in the killing and trafficking of wildlife by government and anti-government forces as well as armed civilians.

Africa: Burundi Headed for Election Turmoil as Ruling Party Allegedly Arms Youth Wing
BUJUMBURA - Burundi could be heading for political violence ahead of the 2015 elections amid allegations that the ruling National Council for the Defence of Democracy-Forces for Defence of Democracy has been arming its youth wing.

Africa: Somalia Warns Kenyan Refugee Expulsion Will Lead to ‘Chaos and Anarchy’
NAIROBI - NAIROBI- Somalia’s Minister of Interior and Federalism Affairs, Mohamud Moalim Yahye , has said the hasty mass deportation of its citizens by Kenya could compromise recent security improvements made by regional governments against the Islamic extremist group, Al-Shabaab.

Africa: Offsets to Cushion South African Carbon Tax
CAPE TOWN - To curb greenhouse gas emissions, South Africa wants to put a tax on carbon emissions from big polluters.

Africa: Uganda Passes Another Repressive Law — This Time Criminalising HIV Transmission
KAMPALA - Ugandan AIDS bodies have warned that the clauses of an HIV bill passed by Parliament recently, which includes the criminalisation of the “wilful and intentional” transmission of the disease, will see many in the country shun the healthcare system.

Africa: No Silver Lining for Somalia’s Child Labourers
NAIROBI - War and famine in Somalia have forced thousands of children in the country to abandon the dream of education and become workers instead.

Africa: Viral Load Testing Dismally Absent in Africa
NAIROBI - As Africa scales up lifesaving antiretroviral therapy for HIV positive people, concerns are rife that the absence of mass routine viral load testing will hamper extending treatment to the millions who need it.

Africa: ARVs a Bitter Pill to Swallow for Ugandan Children
KAMPALA - Non-adherence of HIV treatment by children is a major concern in Uganda, where around 35,500 children are on HIV treatment.



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