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Duniani: G20 Waitaka Marekani Kuchukua Hatua ya Kuifanyia Marekebisho IMF Ifikapo Aprili
WASHINGTON - Kundi la Mataifa Yenye Maendeleo Makubwa ya Viwanda Duniani na yale Yanayoibukia kwa Kasi (G20) yameelezea kuchanganyikiwa kwao na kushindwa kwa Marekani kupitisha mpango wa kufanya mageuzi makubwa ambayo yatahakikisha utawala katika Shirika la Fedha Ulimwenguni (IMF) unahamia zaidi kwa mataifa yanayoendelea.

Afrika: Rikodi ya Haki za Binadamu Uganda Yaporomoka kwa Kutia Saini Sheria Dhidi ya Ushoga
KAMPALA - Watu wanaofanya vitendo vya ushoga nchini Uganda wanakabiliwa na kukamatwa na kubughudhiwa kwa kila aina kutokana na muswada wa kudhibiti ushoga nchini humo kusainiwa kuwa sheria na Rais Yoweri Museveni mwezi wa pili mwaka huu.

Mashariki ya Kati: Ulimwengu wa Kiarabu Watumbukia Kwenye Mgogoro wa Maji, Yaonya UNDP
UMOJA WA MATAIFA - Ulimwengu wa Kiarabu unajulikana kwa utajiri wake wa mafuta lakini unakosa moja ya rasilimali muhimu sana kwa maisha ya mwanadamu: maji.

Africa: Getting into CAR, When so Many Want to Get Out
UNITED NATIONS - In a country suffering from what the U.N. has called “ethno-religious cleansing”, a “disappeared” state structure and “unacceptable sectarian brutality,” gaining access to the population of the Central African Republic has proven a difficult and sometimes deadly task for humanitarian workers.

Africa: Biofortified Beans to Fight ‘Hidden Hunger’ in Rwanda
KIGALI - A select group of farmers in Rwanda have started producing biofortified crops on a commercial scale in a country where 44 percent of the country’s 12 million people suffer from malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency.

World: Taliban Provokes New Hunger for Education
INDIA - Following scattered defiance of the Taliban a new wave of students is now heading for education in schools and colleges across the troubled north of Pakistan.

World: Drugmakers Agree to U.S. Ban on Livestock Antibiotics
WASHINGTON - Pharmaceutical companies have overwhelmingly agreed to new U.S. government guidelines aimed at decreasing the use of antibiotics in the raising of livestock, new data shows.

Africa: Côte d’Ivoire’s Middle Class – Growing or Disappearing?
ABIDJAN - Côte d’Ivoire used to have the strongest middle class in West Africa until it was seriously hit by the post-1980 economic meltdown and the recent post-electoral political crisis from 2010 to 2011.

Africa: Sahel Food Crisis Overshadowed by Regional Conflict
TUNIS - Still not enough is being done to improve the food emergency in Africa’s Sahel Region as conflict and instability continue to worsen any response towards aiding a region where one in eight people suffer from food insecurity.

Africa: The Gambia’s Women Demand a Seat at the Political Table
BANJUL - The countdown to the Gambia’s 2016 general elections has begun with a rare move to bring together female politicians from across the divided political spectrum to ensure increased female representation.

Africa: Zimbabwe’s Growing Electronic Waste Becomes a Real Danger
HARARE - Electronic waste in Zimbabwe is becoming an emerging environmental crisis according to Steady Kangata, the education and publicity manager of the Environmental Management Agency.

Africa: World Bank Clears Congo’s Controversial Dam Project
WASHINGTON - The World Bank has approved a 73.1-million-dollar grant in support of a controversial giant dam project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

World: In Accepting Ethiopia, Transparency Group “Sacrifices Credibility”
WASHINGTON - The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a standards programme based in Oslo, has come under harsh criticism for accepting an application from Ethiopia, despite significant ongoing legal restrictions on the country’s civil society.

Africa: Ethiopia’s Female Fashion Designers Embrace Tradition to Boost Sales
ADDIS ABABA - Fashion design is proving to be one of the most successful Ethiopian sectors for small business and entrepreneurs, generating profit margins ranging from 50 percent to more than 100 percent says fashion designer Mahlet Afework.

World: Pepsi Pledge Signals Momentum on Land Rights
WASHINGTON - PepsiCo, the world’s second largest food and beverage manufacturer, has agreed to overhaul its longstanding policies around land rights, instituting a series of new safeguards and transparency pledges throughout its global supply chains.

World: U.S. Scientists Launch Wake-Up Campaign on Climate Change
WASHINGTON - The American Association for the Advancement of Science has warned that the world was at risk of pushing our climate system toward potentially irreversible changes with highly damaging impacts.

World: Behind Bars for Being Young, Poor and Wearing a Hat
CÓRDOBA - Being young, dark-skinned, poor, and wearing a cap exposes you to arrest as a suspected offender in the Argentine province of Córdoba.

Africa: West Africa’s Refugee and Security Crisis
ABIDJAN - The political crises in Mali and The Ivory Coast have resulted in the biggest number of refugees in West Africa.

Africa: Women Turn Potatoes into Gold in Zimbabwe’s Cities
HARARE - Thousands of Zimbabwean women in urban centres have struck gold by growing potatoes due to the import ban in the country.

Africa: South Africa Battles Drug-Resistant TB
JOHANNESBURG - South Africa is facing a growing drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) burden, with a large gap between the number of patients diagnosed with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and those who start treatment.



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